Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shokudo Pasta & Pizza

Cineleisure one Tuesday night, time to spare for a slow/draggy dinner before humble Wall.E took the stage. I was ready for some japanese-western fusion at Shokudo, which sadly, was not a blockbuster.

Hot Green Tea ($2)

Ocha is a must-have for me at japanese restaurants.

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza ($11.80)
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza, scrimping all over, really failed as a first scene. A tiny finger of fatty chicken sat on each of the eight vanguard-thin crust that were neither soft nor crispy. Italians would have mocked at it like a joke.
Miso Cod Wafu Pasta ($19.80)
The timely arrival of my not-too-cheap Miso Cod Wafu Spaghetti saves them from entering the boycotting-billboards. At least the fish slab came affable in portion, alluringly baked, and strands coated in subtle wafu sauce.

Certainly more to try out from their menu (i'm eyeing the Seafood Soup Pasta already) but i'm sure that if i'd ever return, pizzas would never cross my mind.

Shokudo Japanese Pasta & Pizza
8 Grange Road
#02-06A Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
6736 0971

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