Sunday, April 11, 2010


Osia at RWS just added an impeccable episode to my sequel of dine-alone escapades (Episode 1: Lunch at Private Affairs to be blogged soon). It was a meal like no other, having the Chef de Cuisine propose my menu... Absolute excitement.

nice bold kitchen open-concept

This month-plus old restaurant is Aussie chef Scott Webster's latest mounting from London, rendering fine australian cuisine with modern twists. Helming the kitchen is Chef Douglas Tay, previously the sous chef at Equinox Swissotel & member of our national culinary team.

Dinner began with a comforting frisbee of carbs. Osia's Black Olive and Rosemary Flatbread ($8) ain't a complimentary issue, but it is one bread that no bread-lovers should forgo. At least i wouldn't.

The disk is baked puffy ala-order, rubbed with olive deliciousness and blessed with stonehearth fragrance. Great as a tummy filler while the courses fire.

To go along, you get EVOO, butter & a daily-rotated house dip. I couldn't stop squeezing the creamy macadamia cheese out of its toothpaste-akin tube, cause its both fun and highly functional in balancing the olive headiness.

Amuse Bouche

For amuse bouche, chef fixed up a silky tender homemade soymilk tofu haloed with Caviar d' Aquitaine. When humble meets royal. You need no sauces at all to make this work.

The innovation litmus had to be his Seafood Ice Experience ($22). Its a rainbow rack of centrifuge tubes, 6 to be exact, combining novel seafood & fruit slush pairings.

The towers included:
Blue Fin Tuna + Pineapple Lemongrass Ice
Amaebi Shrimp + Quandong Orange Ice
Sea Scallop + Calamans 'Mojito' Ice
Oyster + Lychee Martini Ice
Maine Lobster + Watermelon Lillipilli Ice
Tasmanian Salmon + Apple Celery Ice

my fave towers- salmon apple celery & amaebi quandong orange

Only fresh fruit purees and premium seafood are used to impart natural sweetness. I progressed down the line (from left to right) as instructed and was enticed by buildup of fruity & alcoholic flavors.

6..5..4..3..2..1.. done.

Though not a total mind-blowing medley, this sure is one ingenious idea.

Then i had a Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout ($24) dished on a slate tray. Here's premium trout cuboids cooked so fragile that it slides along your fork's command. Teamed with creamed horseradish salsify and apple celery espuma.

I'm a souperholic.

I'm a souperholic but i partake to cream soups selectively. I love cream soups slurred with creamy lightness rather than distasteful roux and i got my wish in my Emulsion of Celeriac & Basil ($18). The flavors start subtle & palatable... until you hit upon the center mound of uber refreshing green apple mousse and excellently seasoned seared Hokkaido sea scallop. Superb.

The evening's climax smacked at mains. Osia's rendition of Miso Blue Eye Cod ($32) did little injustice to the prized attributes of my favorite fish. Chef painted a japanese-inclined picture right up my alley.

just look at that delicious gloss of melting cod fats...

Blue Eye Cod is used here & it's got every percent of inborn oils to delight my salivary glands. One of the few i can claim fatty enough for elaine's-high-oily-fish-fats-tolerance haha. The fish is excellently broiled with a sweetish glaze, settled atop an outrageously moreish shiromiso mousse and wholesome pairings of edamame beans, soymilk tofu and furikake-crusted ratte potatoes.

I'm sold.

Now for Webster's signature dessert.

Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup ($20). Hmmm think molten chocolate cake without the cake. Think a balloon-pricked volcano of hot flowy lava, served with vanilla-injected Black Pepper icecream that instantly melts over the intense pool. Beware it is so cocoa-potent i needed a second quenelle of icecream to mow down some richness.

Admittedly chocolate overdose for me, but i managed to spoon up anyways.

craving for an encore...

I left Osia smiling. Maybe i really was happy. I am proud to see a local talent rising to what he deserves in this arduous field... And being a newbie in the line, you just can't find fault with this feeling.

Hoping to be back soon.

8 Sentosa Gateway
Festive Walk @ Resorts World Sentosa
6577 8899

Thursday, April 8, 2010


While i find time to juggle between my crazily time-demanding job & drafting blog entries, here's something small to share...

Nothing big at all. Just a little poster girl for Yami Yogurt.

Never thought i'll ever be one. I'm far from a beauty & clearly devoid of model material, but i believe it is the genuine YamiY love that made this a reality. (hell knows how many cups i've already consumed since young haha... )

On a side note, Passion is one powerful angel that can fly you far in life. My passion is food and creating good food. Im glad i've anchored my future upon my truest passion (:

Updates real soon.
Go grab your Yami today!


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