Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tom's Palette

I've found my numberr 1 icecream!
made with love, passion, hope and sweat.

oh how much i love thee~

I couldn't jump for more joy over Yide's recommendation.

This little place in Shaw Towers (along Beach Road, not to be confused with Shaw House/ Shaw Centre) deserves a

textures hit, flavours wow & service thumbs up description.

I have nothing but true admiration for the owner's never-say-die, always-climb-higher work attitude, a perfect role model for any cafe-owner-wannabes. Like me. By sheer chance he spotted my food photo book in my friends hands, requested to have a look, and then *POOF!... we began our long discussion on f&b matters! When the food-creating-passionates meet. haha.

Through the conversation i even dug out that he is actually the trusty supplier (and creator) of the icecreams served at Wild Rocket.

How stunning.

Ed's Tea & Apple Pie

Returning to the highlight: fabulously smooth icecream that gets you scooping up till the last bit. I revelled in the familiar goodness of Ed's Tea (aka Teh Tarik), liberal in tea essence yet halting before reaching overdoneness. Apple Pie flashed meek notes of cinnamon to my delight, and the Cherry Almond bore a unique character. Whats more, new flavours are constantly being generated!

Hazelnut & Cherry Almond

Not sure about you, but i was certain i loved it. These were Large cups at $4.40 each and something is urging me that i should opt for the jumbo packs next time round. Lol.

tell them how much you love them!
my love doesn't stop here.
i'm already yearning for more. you have my reverence (:

Tom's Palette
100 Beach Road
#01-25 Shaw Leisure Gallery

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  1. pity the place is too small eh? if not they will definitely give island creamery a run of their money.



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