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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

K ki ケーキ

K ki houses a couple's sweet dreams.

I simply enjoy inhaling the innocent air of K ki. Rustic woodsy simplicity. Passion & love in the cakes. It's contagiousness will get anybody infected.

Husband-and-wife team Delphine & Kenneth runs this little patisserie. The man's a self-taught baker, uncannily Japanese-looking, who puts much doting love into producing the dainty cakes. You'll feel it.

Oooh check out the heartthrob! Antoinette ($8) helms white chocolate mousse at its most pleasurable texture, flawlessly tamed in optimal sweetness. I'm not normally fond of ivory but this totally pulled me over. It's bliss in every bite, bliss every second of those bites.

Not only the fairy mousse & feathery sponge worked wonders.. right from its center gushed a lovely mango insert. Heavenly. For Antoinette i'll always say, "I do."

Mona ($8) depicts seduction in a different fashion. A condensed milk chocolate mousse is subtly infused with the psyche of fresh bananas, paired over moist dacquoise. No airy fairy clouds here but the invisible banana soul is bound to cajole the banana-ramas.

Delphine kindly offered us cocoa & coconut sable samples too.

Coconut rocked. The tiny coins laced with sugar crytals are coconutty, buttery good and crumble away in delight. Tasted a fraction like Kueh Bangkit but 10 times yummier. Seriously, they make excellent cny nibbles!

K ki spells sweet love. And i'll be back soon for more... Just watch me.

K ki + the little drom store
7 Ann Siang Road
6225 6650

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kith Cafe

the tiny tot.

Kith is a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe.

Kith's menu is small,
but breakfast foods are always mighty.

Kith serves 4 flavours of icecreams daily.

The French Vanilla Icecream is authenticated by vanilla beans, which never fails to put a smile on my face (: Only the Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake was less indulgent than it sounds. Perhaps because i like my milkshakes gao gao, this was slushy but lacked the full-bodied creaminess i wanted.

Kith is a hideout; cosy & likable anytime.
I'm having a thing for cafes like these!

Kith Cafe
7 Rodyk Street
#01-33 Watermark @ Robertson Quay

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Privé Bakery Cafe

Third time at Privé, i finally embarked on savouries.


With a luxurious bayview and breezy backdrop, Privé Cafe is now the rising hotspot for Brunch. Just desserts alone can get me head over heels... or crazy enough to drag Dad right off his flight (and jetlag) here for a splendid sunday meal.

Privé Ultimate Breakfast

For the day, instincts told me i should prey on something complete, something like a Big Breakfast or The Works. Fortunately Privé offers a timely variation of Privé Ultimate Breakfast ($17): seafood edition. Instead of sausage & bacon it had a healthier attendance of smoked salmon & a quirky mussel vol-au-vent, 2 eggs done your style, arugula and roasted mushrooms. You may argue what's The Works without The Meats but for a seafood fan like me, The Works is everything better with The Marines.


B.L.T = Dad's three magical alphabets. Though not outrightly expressed, i know Bacon is Best for Brunch inhibits in his mind. Hence even when the BLT & E (e for egg, $16) appeared more chi-chi than imagined, he nibbled the streaks right down to the very last chip. Now that's a Bacon.Loving.Tale in reality.

Carrot Cake

Once savouries ended, i toe-lightedly hopped over to the cake shelve like a kid on caramel candy. Privé's got one of the inarguably BEST carrot cake on our island and a handful of delish others to boot. The tall Carrot Cake ($6.80) is sturdy like sponge and densely clouded with many orange carrot sticks & blackish walnuts i love. Compact, moist yet not thunderously heavy. Just soooo scrumptious that Cedele takes a backseat for now. All hail CC the almighty!

Blueberry Cheesecake

Also noteworthy was their Blueberry Cheesecake ($6.80), seductively stained with dashes of natural purple. Not too heavy over a soft wet base. A real blueberry cheesecake should involve the blue gems this way (in & over) else it logically degrades to a 'american cheesecake with blueberry jam topping'. If not for the carrot cake stealing the limelight, i would have showered this one with closer attention.

I don't care what they say, im in love with you...
*carrot cake smitten.

I'll be hopping back for more without a doubt.

Prive Bakery Cafe
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina @ Keppel Bay (Ground Floor)
6776 0777

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hediard Cafe-Boutique

Everything about Hediard struck like cupid. The elegant, polished outlook of the shophouse. The daring crimson against classy black. The extraordinary range of goods their boutique has to offer. The chi-chi french menu. Everything.

I thought i floated out of Singapore and descended on Parisian grounds.

Hediard's history dates back to 1854, founded by Ferdinand Hediard and now a renowned French name in artisanal preserves production. Walking through the jar-ful shelves of their boutique was an extraordinary feeling. The selections of jams, teas, candies gave every reason for your shoppaholism to tingle. Its no wonder why they satisfy connoiseurs worldwide.

Cafe side, a "Savoury & Sweet" Set ($25++) works on the perfect mechanism. One salad/croque/tartine-of-the-day, dessert, glass of wine/coffee/tea equates lunch perfectto. You go from salty to sweet then something to cleanse the richness away.

Croque Ferdinand

For those in sync with rich & cheesy, Crouque Ferdinand's at your call. The founder probably loved his parma-cheese-cream soo much, he had to incorporate them between brown bread slices with mornay sauce coddled in & over. Just sink into your long-lost kin.

Teriyaki Chicken & Eggplant Tartine

My Tartine of-the-day sounded like the least predictable item to emerge from a french kitchen. But i have to admit how delish this open-faced was. Tasty sauce-glazed chicken thigh slices (with some degree of canto-roast correlation) over a roasted eggplant disc... definitely polishable.

Smoked Salmon Platter

Needless to say, this separate order of Smoked Salmon ($8++) was my idea. My itch for omega-3 fatty acids strikes like an opium addiction. And oohh~ this pairing of regular salmon & another tender, smokier, colour-gone-awry breed was worth the instigation.

Bourbon Vanilla Mille-feuille

Desserts, was a very Vanilla-Bean glaring affair.

Hediard's copious use of VB thrills every vanilla-loving cell in me. Pastry-cream-pastry-cream-pastry sums up the Bourbon vanilla mille-feuille in a word, and wow! aptly describes the satisfying vanilla custard middle.

Raspberry Fruit Tart

Then i garnered my strength for a battle with my the Raspberry fruit tart. hard tart base. Nevertheless, all's left was praise for its fragrant walls, almond filling, rich vanilla custard and fresh berries assemble. Loved it lots.

Hediard Blend Tea & Madeleine Blend Coffee

Every cuppa comes thoughtfully tagged with a bitesized madeleine and square of chocolate au lait 33%. Hediard Blend Tea- china black tea, sweet orange, lemon & bergamot- hardly differentiated from the original earl grey.

The art of luxe parisian goodies requires no deliberate flattery. Intricacy lies in the roots and it's utmost quality is undisputable. Who doesn't wanna have french everything?

Hediard Cafe & Boutique
123-125 Tanglin Road
Tudor Court
6333 6683

Friday, July 17, 2009

Caffe Beviamo

One of the world's best gastro-invention other than icecream, is the sandwich. The former heightens indulgence whilst the latter eases convenience. Both are indispensable in my regular diet. A Sunday noon i was figuring where to for my daily bread fix, when Beviamo randomly came to mind.

Loose-leaf Green Tea in pot

Its quite a surprise how long they've been here yet i have never set my mind to visit. Perhaps the PS-soupspoon-COVA distractors posed too strong a competition for this unobstrusive cafe to be noticed. They are nestled right up, outside the now defunct Sushi Tei, with a small open kitchen detached from the dining area. You'll need a second look to confirm: YES this IS a cafe.

Smoked salmon will always be my first choice for fillings but when unavailable, chicken does just as fine. Beviamo's Chicken Sandwich ($14)- poached chicken breast, cheese, basil pesto, zucchini- was a good take. Brownbread grilled panini-style, non soggy on the insides, with zucchini and pieces of fresh chicken. Not your usual frozen and mircrowaved junk. My cheese-to-avocado switch was inhesistently fulfilled; flexibility appreciated.

Dad had his Ham Sandwich ($14)- leg ham, tomato, red onion, spinach, cheese- on ciabatta bread. The colourful innards of shaved ham, baby spinach and melted swiss cheese looked appetisingly good from every angle.

Banana-carrot cake

Beviamo didn't offer much of a variety for desserts and a few looked untrustably rickety. My first instinct was to go for the Carrot Cake ($3.50) which 2 out of 3 tables around me were having. Crowd-following effect = not always right. I should have sniffed an amiss from its conventional buttercake shape- cause besides the cheese frosting & measly carrot shreds in the cake, there was nothing more carrot cake about it. The crucial prick of cinnamon was inexistent and most disturbingly of all, blocks of BANANAS were dominating the taste.

This banana cake-in-carrot cake-skin (apply wolf in sheep's skin) needs urgent relabelling.

Not your usual strawberry shortcake. Their Strawberry Shortcake ($3.50): American Edition adapted a local smell too. In short, strawberries+cream and Kueh Bulu sandwich.

While i can acknowledge their stance in bringing old-fashioned American sweets, and am in no position to condemn their local incorporations...their desserts (& poor service) just didn't do for me.

But the sandwiches and loose-leaf teas at $3.50 a pot, did.

Caffe Beviamo
290 Orchard Road
#05-K3/K4 The Paragon
6836 2535

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Part 1 Cafe

Small suburb cafes are on the rising but few are outliving their expected lifespans. Customers come & go and only reliable characters can overcome the precarious hurdle of survival. Little Part 1 is where i would repeatedly head to.

Not just about its visible home-sweet-home agenda. This tiny hideout in Jasmine Road keeps a infidel fusionized menu that soughts to a full fledge of people. Health-obsessionists, fickle eaters... yada yada. Having a variety also helps keep regulars on track.

Their Mango Udon Roll ($8.90) is one thing i wouldn't skip. Vietnamese rice paper brilliantly bundles the textures of avocado, mango, cucumber, mint & springy udon strands within its silky sheen and goes so wonderfully well with a splash of tangy thai sweet chilli sauce. This is what i call an appetiser.

Tofu Steak ($6.90) covers the oriental side. Oven-baked firm beancurd braised in a thick gravy, laced with japanese mushrooms and wakame.

Little's Fish & Chips' ($15.90) came in a sizeable portion that's no kid's play. On taste wise, their take on the conventional cafe classic was neither mindblowing nor lousy.

Few places offer savoury crepes and even fewer do it well. Right here i get a decent Salmon Crepe Roll ($14.90), enveloped with marinated salmon, sauteed mushrooms, onions & some roe based cream. Mozzarella cheese rounds off by fulfilling its sealing job. Crepe elasticity passed.

For dessert, i heeded the waiter's suggestion of a Warm Apple Crumble with icecream ($7.50). At $1 more i upgraded to a scoop of Mocha Almond gelato, saving myself from any probable Wall's/King's/Magnolia discontent. The whole assemble sat on a thin tart crust, embracing scrummy apple fillings that filled my heart warm and fuzzy~

Liked the thirst-quenchers too. Their icy Matcha Shake is a resplendent shade from the hot sunny weather, anytime. *slurp.
I'm tempted to be an Upper Thomson resident. hah.

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road
Adelphi Park Estate
6451 7553

Friday, May 29, 2009


Meet S.Shortcake Version 2, in a mesh tin.

(Barracks: Living quarters for personnel on a military post)
I stand by this zany idea of turning the former army barracks into a spa+cafe+bar hautespot, and desserts purveyed in such camp-reminding nests. The result: groups of fancifully dressed ladies knocking for sunday brunch.

We knew not to miss House's signature Bay Prawn Capellini ($22), which contained the usual suspects of prawn aglio olio and a couple of unknown secret add-ons.

The 3-Berry Ahi Sandwich ($18) was chosen out of sheer interest, and turned out quirkily fine. Fresh marinated tuna cubes, rocket & an odd bunch of berries spilled out of heavy classic ciabatta slices. Just give those straight cut fries a miss- they smelt seriously strong of frozen origins.

First it says 'flourless & gluten free'. Then it read, 'chocolate cake coated with milk chocolate ganache and topped with candied almonds'. Believe it or not, the Guiltless Almond Chocolate Cake ($12) does taste as guiltless as it looks.. except for that sinful pricetag.

Forget about searching for the best genoise sponge-chantilly cream-fresh strawberry entrement, cause Barrack's Strawberry Shortcake ($9.50) deserves more unique attention. Soft sugar-dusted cake is alternated with layers of delicious stewed strawberry preserves & a shot of vanilla sauce by side. i'm happier skipping the cream for once.

I have to return for more House desserts.

8D Dempsey Road
#01-01/06 Tanglin Village

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

P.S. Cafe, Palais Rennaisance

I felt like i was in a cake museum staring at monstrous exhibits. The Pineapple Meringue Tart was eye-rubbingly unbelievable in stature.

5 out of 10
would feel intimidated, eventually evade from the calorific sin.

2 out of 10
would find a friend and share the joy over cautious forkfuls.

2 out of 10
would aim to have it all alone but surrender at the 3rd quarter.

The sole dessert junkie would clean it up & burp bubbles of glee.

& there's always one girl who loves her vanilla beanies sooo much, she'll attempt to force a scoop of VB icecream on her desserts, no matter big or small.
that's me (:

No dieticians will approve of cheesecake & icecream on a plate but i'm highly magnaminous towards even the most mismatched bliss. Take for instance, the peculiar LEMON-GINGER-CHEESE coupling in PS's Lemony Ginger Cheesecake ($12.90). Fluffy cheese entwining a mist of lemon and the unpertubing root spice... gingerly secures a spot in the cheesecake-favourites!

The Vanilla Bean Icecream ($2) was just too dwarfly for my giant icecream appetite.

The serious chocolate lovers would go gaga over the massive Chocolate Crunch Doorstop Cake ($15.90), cramming caramelized nuts between C mousse & dense C cake. Because even i almost got tippled over to the (C)dark side.

What's a good cake without its complementary partner. The soothing effect of hot Chamomile Tea was indeed helpful. & now im drooling for more Sticky Lemon Florentine / GINGER pudding/ M's Carrot Cake, blah blah...
in hope of clinching the Dessert Junkie title soon.

P.S. I fancy skyhigh desserts.

with a scoop of VB icecream.

390 Orchard Road
#02-09A Palais Rennaisance


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