Sunday, September 14, 2008

La Forketta

It was an impromptu turn into Valley Point.

We were on our way to Da Mario (my favourite italian!) when dad's cashcard summoned a requisite search for a top-up machine. Upon exiting from the petrol station, i exclaimed:

"oh look, there's another italian restaurant here!"

and there we were.

Unconsolingly, my yell turned out to be a mistake. The place was smartly dressed-up no doubt, but they truly lacked in authenticity and customer-welfare principles.

1) We noticed the kitchen being chinese-occupied.

This didn't mean to be a discrimination statement. But i would never imagine chefs from china taking over the pasta duties; italian chefs are certainly more assuring.

bread basket

2) We were completely deluded into the unannounced bread-fraud.

The Bread Basket surfaced as an optimisstic generousity-indicator, where we happily dunked into their hospitality. Never did we anticipate a $4.50++ charge issued on our check. It wasn't about the money.. it was about the unethicality of this aggresive illusion. They could have at least informed.

That aside, the olive-tomato paste-topped pizza bread pulled off.

Linguine with Seafood ($25)
Things brightened a little with my Linguine with Seafood, truthful in lavishness to justify its steep pricetag. An crayfish half came as an unstated bonus (:

Vongole ($20)

Oddly, the pasta and clams of dad's Vongole took their individual positions like separate islands. spaghetti in white wine, clams independently sauteed in cherry tomato sauce.
3) Sweets aren't the atas dolces.

We agreeably skipped desserts from their american-certified list- new york cheesecakes & american carrot cakes simply don't fit legal italian endings.

Decorum place with many shortcomings.
It only made Da Mario appear more acclaimable.

La Forketta (Valley Point)
491 River Valley Road
#01-01 Valley Point
6836 3373

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  1. haha now i will avoid this place. lol! faster update : )



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