Monday, July 28, 2008

Wild Rocket's Sunday Brunch

I was taken by surprise when Dad drove up Mt Emily Road today.

elaine: where are we going?
dad: Wild Rocket.

omg, omg.

It must have been my verbal admiration for Willin Low lately, or constant repetition of how his lawyer-turned-chef background have inspired me a great deal, but dad have most probably adhered to my fascination.

And we both headed into hangout hotel with full anticipation.

Bright classy white exuded a clean atmosphere while a blooming scarlet area catches the eye almost immediately- a private section for bigger groups.

Dainty cubes of complimentary bread kickstarted our brunch, warming my fingers as i picked them out of the teardrop-shaped bowl. Lightly savoury, and best dipped in olive oil.

spicy conpoy & fresh scallop spaghetti w dried shrimp ($22)

The waiter added "you've made a very good choice, sir" as he placed the spicy conpoy & fresh scallop spaghetti with dried shrimp into dad's view. My heart dipped when the first flavour i picked up didn't suit my liking.

Certainly no overcooked strands but the sharply spicy yet sweet effect appeared rather uncomforting. I would call for larger scallops as well.

scrambled eggs smoked salmon foccacia sandwich ($17.50)

I immediately shifted my hopes to my next dish.

Indeed, this ever-common scrambled eggs smoked salmon foccacia sandwich dish was transformed to his own. His version of herb-free foccacia (just like the starter), olive-oil damped, laid beneath an overwhelming blanket of hollandaise sauce and wet scramble. Satisfyingly creamy with a perfect touch of seasoning.

Generous chunks of fresh grade salmon gave the lightest smokyness.. easily mistaken as sashimi.

dark lava chocolate gateau w vanilla icecream ($13)
Dessert was simply a beautiful finish.

I was bound on the dark lava chocolate gateau w vanilla icecream. Just how would one of Lifestyle's top 10 chocolate desserts taste?


The neat brown shell released a pleasurable flow of bitter chocolate- a pure indication of quality dark chocolate being invested, plus vanilla icecream for neutralisation.

Hot & cold, bitter & sweet... the contrast was sensational; complemented with tiny crumble bonuses. Real skill display.

I had to say, i did not leave this place unsatisfied.
And still filled with anticipation.. for any next visits ahead (:

Wild Rocket
10A Upper Wilkie Road
Hangout Hotel @ Mt Emily
6339 9448

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