Wednesday, July 2, 2008


As bitewithjoy ( comes to history, Divine Essentials would be a new start to my food platform. A site where i could record dining experiences, express food-related thoughts and even share culinary creations.

I believe food is a joy to most of us. Food can be so versatile, so unpredictable yet so satisfying. Every dish has its different bliss value and impact on different people. Some may see it as junk, but for some, it could be an inspirational piece of treasure.

Regardless of the origin, each dish holds a certain value given to it by its creator- the chef. Chefs have my high respect, because they are the ones bringing these delightful joys to us, constantly pioneering more fresh bites. Being a chef is no easy job, but there are just some out there passionately delivering bliss to their diners. I hope to become one of them.

My ambition- to open Divine Essentials as a joint venture with my sister, to create bites of true joy and spread the love for good food.

Till then.

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