Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Uzumaki's Triple 3

If you thought 3 scoops of japanese icecream for $3 on a 3rd anniversary is a steal, think again. On price-driven impulse i merrily picked three flavours and got nothing more than dissatisfaction.

The Black Sesame was trashy whilst the Milk Tea & Green Tea clearly lacked depth. Badly cream-deficient to even be called icecream. I would have gladly preferred the original Uzumaki out-of-a-dispenser swirl, or not waste that three bucks at all ):

And to note: the scoops were tinier than any Kiddy's Meal dessert.

Learnt my lesson.


#B1-K18 Bugis Junction


  1. they don't look that tiny to me! and milk tea, sounds interesting, maybe i shd make it myself :D

  2. the icecream looks magnified in the photo cause i took a close shot... yes i think homemade icecream will taste even nicer that it! =p

    milk tea was interesting, and i rmb they used to have these little black sago pearl toppings and named the combination 'bubble tea' (:



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