Friday, April 3, 2009

Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge: Sweet Noon

eye feast!

Prior to indulging in my taitaish-fantasies, recollections of an enjoyable lunch hurled back.

ROYAL COPENHAGEN- the big name of Denmark's majestical porcelains. Tea Lounge at Takashimaya faces no challenge in fulfilling any taitai-wannabe's checklist. From remarkably expensive diningware (you won't wish to know) to alluring delicacies, premium tea brews and a bustling Orchard view for peoplewatching- you'd notice the gentlemen's attention on automobiles.
All's set for a pampering noon.

hands raised for strawberry water~

Whilst the Lamborghinis voomed, savouries begin to line in.

Petty Shell with Shrimp & Asparagus ($7.90)

We began feeding puny morsels of creamed shrimps and chopped asparagus into our mouths, which gleefully overpoured out of their miniature crust houses. These were humourously petite, 97% baby-friendly and 80% as comforting as homestyle campbell.
we've got the answer to PETTY shells.

Selfish Pasta ($20.90)

Wacky names are, eccentrically, their forte. Wacky brainchild #2: the Selfish Pasta out of royal director's board meeting was only a level more degrading. But if you could forgive that untactful address, the dish's got some pesto-dribbled sauce and luscious lobster tail flesh to boot.

so good, you'd be too selfish to share!

This time, they answered.

Salmon & Potato Gratin ($19.90)

Clap for seriousness. The Salmon & Potato Gratin was a richy showdown of layered potato cake, chives cream, and roasted asparagus. Plus a fatty highlight pan-seared to crisp excellence.

Copenhagen Scones ($6.90)

No trip to RCTL is complete without the sweets.

I would strongly recommend Copenhagen Scones if you've got nothing more than a space for the best. My love for scones began from their warm buttery signatures, served with the classic butter-jam-cream condiments.

Perfect for breakfast, brunch, tea, dessert, anytime.

Lemon Cheesecake ($4.90)

Room for more = time to tackle the torturous decision-making at the door. I took two visits back and forth before convincing my fickleness to settle.. Lemon Cheesecake.

lemon zest pricking out..

Not a hint of regret. The tangy cheesy entwine, liberal with lemon zest, snared two thumbs up from us. And left us with vivid soury recalls.
I'm glad i've found you, RCTL (:

Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge
391 Orchard Road
2F Ngee Ann City
6735 6833


  1. Wow... Once again you switch on my cake-dar, I have yet to visit marmalade pantry and there you are, tempting me with a wide array of cakes...

    Geez, to think that I am thinking of supper at this time... Indeed a sin...

  2. I felt Caffee beviamo scones were better than Copenhagen. Because somehow that time i went RCTL my scones were not warm.

  3. i want scones!!! *pouts*.. maybe I'll go make my own. tee hee..

  4. strawberry flavored water! nice or not? i see they put mint leaves inside, must taste better than the graze ones hehe.

    i wanna visit this place someday. nice pics u hv =) and you're really rich to visit all the expensive places :D

  5. the selfish pasta looks colourful and yummy!i will be selfish to share too! :D

    anw hello! 1st time here!

  6. fen: yes im always having my late night desserts too.. super sinful but its an enjoyment of life! im looking forward to seeing you try marmalade pantry & post your nice review of their other foods =p

    brad: oh the RTCL scones came just slightly warm. haven't tried Caffe Beviamo though.. it is the one at Paragon? must go try it soon. hee.

    sihan: thats the advantage of knowing how to bake! comes in handy whenever we crave for sweets even at the weirdest times, haha =D

    evan: hi evan. yup the taste of their water is actually stronger than that of Graze's (: no la im not rich but just tend i spend most of my allowance on food. oops =p

    Jaime-La-Nourriture: hi maureen! nice to hear from you.. im one of your readers too (:

  7. The salmon looks yummy! =)

    Found your blog when I was randomly googling haha. Glad to know another foodie!



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