Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ooki Taiyaki: Simply Oooh-some!

I just found another awesome snack to dig in.

Pumpkin Kaya Taiyaki ($2 for 2- opening special)

Just as gelato-loyals are mourning over MOF's (Raffles City) sudden farewell, im happily swooning over the mall's lastest tenant. OOKI TAIYAKI officially occupies the prominent corner, introducing a new sidekick to the dying donut scene.

Making a good taiyaki is no easy job.

Tracing back to my Hokkaido memories.. the bestest was perfectly crisp-skinned and compact with flowy homemade fillings, briskly tossed out of hot moulds by adept japanese pancake masters. And it ignominiously chastens our skimpy-entrails local versions to shame.

Until i saw the OOKI action.

On first layer, the girls used a spatula to spread the batter flatly across the mould. Thin base checked. Huge spoonfuls of ingredients plopped in the middle. Generous fillings checked. Another drizzling of batter over just enough to cover the innards. Thin crust checked.

checked checked checked. A Pumpkin Kaya for me. One bite and warm orange magma gushes out of its promising shell. Pleasantly sweet, water chestnuts-studded & fullbodied with kaya fragrance kind of magmatic flow. Pure messy bliss. Chomped up in less than ten steps away.

Not flawless to yell about, just the closest to the Nipponya's. Im so glad they opened.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-49 Raffles City Shopping Centre

missing my Hokkai goma snowman-yaki badly~

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  1. Wow... are those chunks of red beans or chocolate chips... That used to be Yuan's childhood favourite and he will always pick up a fish or two at Takashimaya...

    Quite surprised by the savoury flavours... I always thought it is just red bean, chocolate, cheese and kaya...



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