Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fishy babies...

these are ADDICTIVE. more addictive than pringles.

I love eating all sorts of japanese dough-based food, because they would never compromise on low quality batters. TAIYAKIs make good afternoon snacks but its regular size are a tad too heavy for a post-dinner bite. Mini taiyakis solves the problem!

(clockwise from left) chocolate, caramel, custard, cheese

I would never fail to grab a bag of these whenever they appear at Isetan's Japanese fair. The pancakes are spongyly lovely, fragrant and oozing with liquified fillings even when they're cold. Cheese, Custard, Chocolate, Redbean, Caramel, Plain. i loved the first two best- both are milky goodness.

10 easily swallowed in a sitting, AFTER dinner (:

AND they are made by Miss Mizutani, not any Uncle Tan or Auntie Lim. that probably explains the price...

Limited period only!

Available at Isetan Scotts Basement.

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  1. There is a new taiyai outlet at Raffles city basement 1. Check it out!



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