Monday, April 27, 2009

Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar

"floating" madeleines

This is an entry about ieat's floating theory

I admit im more a berry, nuts or citrus anything than a chocolate person. My low tolerance level for chocolate is evident from the multiple times i struggle through cocoa decandences under the appalled scrutiny of my chocoholic pals. I'm not easily suppressed by chocolate's inherent dogma but there's one thing i would mystifyingly get fanatical about...

It's Laurent Bernard's no doubt.
(Making it two, it'll be Pontini's chocolate lava cake)

Specifically Laurent's heavenly 30-minute Chocolate Souffle ($16.50). I'll order this under no obligations, joyfully savour it from peak to bottom, then scrape the whole ramekin clean. The power of Laurent's.

I begin with the risen crown. The top is baked to a latching solidity, peeling off beautiful flakes of meringue-soft crusts once disturbed. The innards- fluffy and saccherinely controlled by the use of quality chocolate (though i remember it to be clearly wetter the last time). Trickle in some bitter chocolate sauce to moisten... and voila! im on my way through the natural anti-depressent pitch.

And there is a convincing reason why Raspberry Sherbets (or sorbets) often tie the knot with choc souffles. Its icy refreshing character, together with raspberry's tangy punch shields you from any potential chocolate overwhelm. The result is a wonderful balance.

If you're prone to opting for vanilla or more chocolate, i urge a reconsideration.

*sigh of cocoa satisfaction.

Worth the wait & calories.

On the cakes & pastries side, we rely on the Flourless Chocolate Cake ($6.80). A supreme rendition of the wheat-free classic, excellently textured and served with whipped cream on the side. Flourless, would be the last word in your mind.

My vote's thrown in for their premium tea selections as well. A South African Vanilla Bourbon ($7) was sensually soothing of blended green tea leaves, osmanthus flower & french vanilla. Withstands until the third brew.

Chocolatiers like this are what makes the world go round.

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-11 The Pier @ Robertson


  1. I like this chocolate tart but I seriously hope his attitude has changed for the better. He used to wear a scowl on his face and it was legendary.

  2. i din get to try the souffle that time i went, but u all got ask permission from him to take photos?

  3. fatpig: ive not tried the choc tart but my dad loves the flourless cake haha. hmmm he wasn't there when i went so i didnt get a chance to witness his temper =x

    brad: oh he wasn't there so i just took my shots as usual but no one stopped me. the group of staffs there and the female patisserie all seemed okay with it. luckily (:



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