Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NYDC Diner

Not a new.york.dessert.cafe for nothing.

Since the secondary school days i've been madly attracted to this upbeat teenager dinespot. Boney the mascot, quirky food titles, comfort junkfood i love gorging on, and a divine dessert to-die-for... all part of the magnetic force.

Heeren's outlet now takes on a new location on the fifth level and proudly renamed as NYDC Diner. Classics kept plus an additional menu inserted for more selections. Think ribeye steaks, lamb shanks & barbequed ribs... at your own risk.

The bestie's initial distraught over the non WOW!-labelled The Parmesan ($14.50) was acceptably eased. Not that it fared beyond any good chicken spaghetti dish, but the garlic butter parmesan sauce safely pulled through.

My Roasted fillet of Cream Dory ($16.50), flavoured rice substantiated, featured cute little roulades of dory fish baked in a rich garlic & herb sauce. Rich. the harmless-looking white sauce could fill you before you even work on the rice.

Full, but never too full for desserts.

Nydc's dense digestive-crusted cheesecake is either a love-it or hate-it compound. If you comply with the former, Priscilla's favourite ($10.50) may be doubly satisfying for you. Ally's New York cheesecake, double choc chip icecream (we requested for a vanilla sub), chocolate chips & a pitcher of warm choc sauce to please any cheese-choc fans around.

I'm sticking to the hands-up-for-light-cheesecakes! club.

the best apple crumble, till date.

And all hail the almighty nydc Apple Crumble ($6.95) i absolutely looooooove, thermally contrasted by a scoop of creamy French Vanilla icecream. Boasting of a thin base, chocolately cinnamon layer, stewed apple pieces and a crumble topping that mushes in the mouth to produce a harmonious lipsmacking sensation~ *im on cloud nine.

(one more for takeaway)

This is my definition of a perfect apple crumble.

I amend:
Full, but never ever too full for Apple Crumble(s).

NYDC Diner
260 Orchard Road
#05-05/13 The Heeren

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