Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Scream Cookies & Creammmm

Making icecream is so much fun.

While browsing through my cookbook collection i found a gem lying in unjustifiable vain: Making Icecream & Iced Desserts by Joanna Farrow and Sara Lewis. I couldn't believe myself putting such a comprehensive and splendidly photographed guidebook to waste. But not anymore.

I promptly skimmed through the pages, pulled out my ingredients and followed the instructions as closely as i could. The art of icecream making begins by forming a custard base, adding your preferred flavourings then whipping it in an icecream maker.. but yippeee, it is absolutely possible to achieve it by hand.

The result was extremely satisfying. After as series of hand-whisking & hours of freezing, i excitedly scooped the frozen custard out of the tub. The icecream was icy hard initially but begins to melt down really quickly. a yummy vanilla-smacked oreo flavour dotted with some soft oreo chunks. Mmmmm...

Plus i love its versatility. The very next day we had it over warm buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and it got mum knotted in disbelief. "huh? did you just say you MADE the icecream?!!" Yes mummy, i did.

And with some leftover choux batter, i created one-bite icecream puffs coupled with a splash of warm chocolate sauce. Another after-dinner dessert settled.

What's there not to rave about homemade icecream?

*i'm slurpin' it.


  1. absolutely delectable! and the versatility of your desserts. amazing! haha. think I would like it best on buttermilk pancakes with macaerated strawberries and syrup. YUM!

  2. omgggggg i want some!! the ice cream really looks good in the little cups, its a perfect match :)

  3. sihan: yes sounds totally yummy! *imagines. but aiya i missed out on those macaerated strawberries..& im still finding the best way to use the poppy seeds =p

    evan: thanks (: was so glad i managed to find those cups at Daiso, but now it seems like they aren't taking in the stocks anymore ): am still hunting for nice icecream cups to hold my future icecream attempts.



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