Friday, April 10, 2009

7atenine: Behold thy Surprises

Seven out of ten fusion food vulnerably crosses into confusion. It is highly adroitful to blend the distinguishing cultures while drawing the invisible boundaries, yet create vivid sensations in the palate. They've done it. Seven-eight-nine.

Lunch Unlimited
noon-2.30pm, daily.
Let Chef Florent enchant you with his array of chosen brainchilds.

To be honest i've never been in favour of kitchen-decided menus. Though the suspense can offer subtle thrill, im not mentally game to swallow any queer concoctions prior warning. Over here i acted on the contrary.

The advantage of having Lunch Unlimited is the massive variety given at a fixed charge. No worries about bursting budgets. Entitilement to a beverage. Plus you get to repeat any favourite dishes of choice. How not to accede to?

The show begins... surprise, after surprise.

BANG. This seemingly harmless shot of pale white took instantaneous action in the mouth. Celeraic Cream was murderously acrid, sending sodium levels to rocket. We should have taken the caution cue from its flame-coloured centre.

Advice: Unleash the clear jelly base for more intake allowance.

The Potato Salad was unfortunately a dish of dismatched fancies. No faults with the peanut crumbs or dressed starch, just the excessive drizzle of harsh oil to flinch from. And we appreciated the staff's probing concerns.

Unusually giant Stuffed Pasta Shells held their capacity of fillings. Emerging when cut: juicy miniature shrimps tossed with an evoo, onions & olive salsa, atop bright green guacamole.

Salmon & Blinis, along with majestical caviar and an invigorating vodka foam. Thumbs up for the alcoholic addition, it won a non-alcoholic over.

tomato + mystery cube + tart= Tomato Tart.

Tuna? Nope. That maguro-looking cuboid unexpectedly turned out to be some tomato-based creation. Lycopene goodess on a biscuit crumb-reconstructed base. And plenty of coarse sea salt to season.

7atenine's rendtion of Shiitake Mushroom Tempura was presentably executed. Though squirming some grease, fresh funghi juices also excreted out of the fine batter coating.

Heaven's not on my side- that sacred animal had to make its pretentious appearance. The beef dish #1, Beef Roulades, interestingly surfaced on heated grey stones to hook my attention. But no. I could only watch my dining partner savour both portions with glee, and heave his verdict.. "their beef is good..."

Right after the first courses, the mains took their positions. Chef Florent skilfully cooked up a Pesto Risotto of thick cheesy italian grains evenly incoporated with heady basil pesto. This excellent version was a hit with us.

Im no cheese expert. im dumb in identifying the type of cheese used in their Deepfried Cheese (mozarella, or camembert?). But those stretchy innards under its breadcrumb shell were trustily reserved in sodium, and paired up with an apple & redwine compote. Note: Consuming it cooled does it no justice.

Fish! It took me minutes to recognize the eye-catching pool surrounding their Seared Seabass. But within seconds i was clearing up that carrot puree & balsamic syrup in fixation. -a second serving was ordered-

Orecchiette, translating 'little ears', are bite-sized dics with a chewy character. Smothering it in tasty cream sauce further encourages unison acceptance.

Finally a Seared Chicken dish to halt any assumptions of poultry absence. Zero wonder seen, zero major problems detected. Just chicken thigh over boring polenta.

It reappeared to trigger my jealousy again. History repeated as i witnessed the partner tucking into his Beef Tenderloin circles, then reiterating his opinion, "their beef is really not bad leh...."

Okay, point taken.

Rounding that up signalled a switchover to desserts. I was ready to pounce on anything sweet after a whole medley of savouries. *clap clap, bring on the finale please!

Inclining towards the right of the cake density scale, a fluff-less yet palatable slice of Chocolate Cake. Being evidently low in sugar puts the Mango Sorbet to practical use. The chocolate fan across me polished off a big bulk of that rectangle.

Coffee Trifle boasting espresso-flavoured layers, rice krispies and a meringue stick. Caffeine-fully perks you up.

Left to stand, the healthy-in-pink Beetroot Parfait melts slightly of out its form and exudes a monotonous tone. Tasteless. But very strangely, i enjoyed eating that pink airy nothings.

15 dishes in total.

If suspense and variety are things that thrill you, you'll be the next proclaimed fan of 7atenine. Just like me.
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-10/12 Esplanade Mall


  1. hahaha you finally blog about it. yeah i love the place. how come you din sit outside? the lighting inside very bad man.

  2. yah finally~ oh outside was hot.. we still preferred the aircon inside, hee =P



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