Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bakerzin, Vivocity

My impression of Bakerzin have long stagnated at the profit-maximising-dessert-cafe status. Everything else besides their desserts completely ruined hopes of voluntary revisits. And oops, i so forgot to warn my ex-classmate about it.

Lunch at Bakerzin, was a very random decision.

Seafood Pasta ($15.80)

Bakerzin's Pasta. We all know it, indubitably nothing to rave about. The Seafood Pasta- clams, mussels & prawn tossed in a bright red tomato sauce. Im just surprised no complaints were voiced either. It must have been the post-bookout syndrome lol.

Sauteed Mushrooms Sandwich, plus Chicken ($11.80)

Bakerzin's sandwich. Passable stuffs, if not for the overly generous use of oil and a grease-soaked ciabatta slice. I'm fond of chicken & funghi combinations.

3 dessert tapas & icecreams ($9.80)

Bakerzin's desserts: their saving grace. Despite a careless flavour blunder on my side, the chocobanana-themed Arabella & whitechoc based Manjuri were no turn-offs. The icecream fanatic in me took over once again.. no sweetness can kill me (:

Coupe Blackforest

Our choices were such a chocolately lineup that we slowed down at the Coupe Blackforest. Chocolate icecream, chocolate brownie, kirsh-soaked cherries & chocolate sauce. Chocolate's a murderer.

We surrended.

1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-207 VivoCity

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  1. Hmm... on the contrary, I do like their aglio oilo and their bread that comes with the daily set...



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