Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rise & Shine

Breakfast is important. Since young i've never acceded to skipping breakfasts due to busy schedules or oversleeping excuses. Be it getting up early, munching during car rides or lapping food before the school bell goes, i'll ensure my morning mouthful is fulfilled.

Sundays are just slightly more elaborate.

The only day i get to rummage my pantry and whip things out of whatever's available. The only day my family could gather for a leisure breakfast in the comfort of our own home. Very recession-friendly too =D

french toast, bacon streaks & sunny-side-up stack

On days where my sister has to rush for other appointments, i make the most express & rudimentary food. Bread, eggs, bacon & mushroom basics.. you can't go wrong with them.

French Toasts needn't always be sweet. Savoury versions are just as appealing. I stacked up two french toast slices, crispy bacon and a cheery sunny side up, sided with some creamy mushrooms.

french toast, bacon & scrambled eggs stack

Dad loves scrambled eggs. Mine's done with a dash of cream and a non-systematic folding method. If not for the hurry, i would have beaten the eggs more evenly and used a bain-marie for closer perfection.

Creamy herb mushrooms & French Toasts

Seeing to mum's vegetarian commitments is another challenge. Meat-free, garlic/onions-free, yet looking and tasting as good? I'm still trying. Here's one french toast dish topped with seasoned white buttonMs and a drizzle of herby cream sauce.


Breakfast doesn't stop all at once, it recedes like a tide...


  1. I love breakfast! I love eggs!

  2. loveee breakfast lots too! yah and i can never forget the 'most expensive eggs in your life' title you gave to those at Chopinette, lol =D



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