Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paco Roncero: XX1st Century Appetit!

Our senses were pampered at the peak of Tower Club.

Four seated with eager gastromical anticipation, three immersed in a silent countdown for some fireworks finale to prod. Alongside, captivating harmonies of guest chef Roncero's 13-course spread.

Paco Roncero.
One Michelin Star chef hailing from El Bulli, Spain. Master of Molecular Gastronomy and renowned olive oil virtuoso.

Kicking off, a concordant agreement over the acidity of eggwhite-crowned Frozen Daiquiri. Harshly sour at a tiny sip, bitter when drunk. Clearly more for the ladies than gentlemen.

the most AMAZING foccacia bread~

We stood by the bread basket's arrival with smiles. I absolutely heart their excellent Foccacia slices enhanced with speckles of sundried tomatoes, cheese & a friendly dash of mint. Superbly moist and spongy reflected pure quality baking. I could go on & on nibbling on these yeasty goodness like there's no tomorrow.... (& no 12 courses ahead haha)

Then came the showdown of 6 distinguished tapas masterpieces.

By instructed order we ate, the first unglamourous brown blob Liquid Chicken "Croquette" triggered sparks of fascination. Woah~ Swallowed in entirety, chicken broth supremeness burst out of its humble veil & breadcrumb accessories. blown away.

A pity we cannot encore that.

I also swore by the Raspberry Fondant with Wasabi, ingenius pairing of caramelized berry and wasabi nib that shook wasabi pea illusions. And the atypical Sesame Sponge with Miso crafted like nothing before.

Other novel tots included the Tomato Biscuit with Basil, Foie Gras in Red Wine, & signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil Butter served in a tube.

Our platos began with sleek Spanish Omelette XX1st Century. elegant potato mousse complemented with tasty sweated onions.

Only the Lobster, Grapefruit, Virgin Olive Oil Soup paled in wow factor. Didn't draw any favorable impressions.

The Brittany Sea Bass in "Salmorejo" was seared to mindblowing perfection, sealing tender white flesh under its crisp skin.

Highly positive opinions revolved around the Wagyu Beef with Lemon Puree, helmed as Morton's-on-par by Timeless Facade.

The male lead draws the first stroke of the scheme..

For Postres, we had Orange Sorbet, PX, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One of the best citrus sorbets ever, fullstop.

He swiftly engaged in the formulated tactics.
She nodded.
A nuptial agreement was secured.

And the Fizzy Sweets, Virgin Olive Oil Gummies arrived aptly to end the night on crackles. crackily crackily crack went the cocoa sprinkles, lingering in the mouth just like how some smiles prevailed....

My sincere congrats to the couple.

Highly esteemed Mister EVOO prodigy (:
Atlantic Dining Room
9 Raffles Place
Republic Plaza Tower 1
#62-64 Penthouse


  1. wow... totally appetizing! how much issit per person for a 13 course meal like that?

  2. Yes the beef was very good, so much so that me and Jon had double portions. :P



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