Thursday, April 2, 2009

La Cantina: The Hidden Beauty

This reminds me of Las Vegas...
the same blue sky-ed ceilings at The Venetian.

There was nothing, really, to nit-pick about Cantina's Roman-inclined interiors. Sophisticatedly crafted details only spoke of elegance, and a breathtaking view too resplendent to ignore.

Ambience loved.

The bi-charaterized bread was baffling to define. Toasted crusty edges embodied a herb-melded center so evidental of foccacia, yet unswervingly strong in baguette traits.

Conclusion: Baguette-like Foccacia.

We've got an ingenius twosome here.

Falling for the day's special Portobello Mushrooms with summertime eggplant ($22.90) was easy. I'll never turn away from juicy funghi species, especially when its sufficiently beefed up with seasoning. Two's not quite enough, hah.

Gosh i could live in adulation of their Linguine Al Granchio ($26.90)- crabmeat linguine in creamy tomato sauce. Every strand was so lushly coated in that scrumptious pink sauce, no amount of it would trigger abdication. Delicious! a pity it wasn't mine...



The swooning came to an abject halt when my Pescatora ($26.90) arrived. Paltry pieces of seafood in an atrociously diluted tomato sauce (plus a couple more flaws picked out) utterly failed to score. A pasta discrepancy issue is proven.

I was highly warned about their desserts.
No risks taken.

Splendid hideout in Changi Village.

if only i had picked the Al Granchio too...

La Cantina in Venezia
1 Netheravon Road
#08/09-02 Changi Village Hotel
6546 9190


  1. Sitting al fresco would have been a much better experience. A pity the weather didn't permit.

  2. i absolutely love the Al Granchio there too! been craving that ever since i tried out an inferior version recently.. oh gosh.. you should check out the spa center they have at changi hotel. the view from the private suite with the private jacuzzi is awesome!



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