Thursday, September 24, 2009

TWG Silver Mooncakes

I'm surprised my first impulse purchase at the Taka fair wasn't Regent Hotel's 24-month cured parma ham mooncakes. Neither was it from Goodwood Park or Bakerzin's pastel babies....

Going tea-some this year!

TWG's inaugural creations are awesome. They don't excel in visual appeal with eeky colors & shoddy workmanship, but their brilliance in flavours surpassed. We swiped right into transaction after sampling!

The baked varieties include Green Tea with Durian, Crystallised Orange with Chestnuts & a nobody-would-decline Dark Chocolate. Snowskins come in only Black Tea or White Tea, and a box of any four is yours at $48.

My favourite had to be this one. Shimmering black mooncake filled with luscious praline custard cream and a heart of orange marmalade. It's skin is subtly infused with 1837 Black Tea and showered with pretty silver dust.... Love at first bite.

The White featured pure chocolate mousse in 1837 White Tea skin and a blackcurrant marmalade to go within.

You could claim anything praline is infallible, but i'll prefer to say anything praline in mooncake is absolutely divine.

Anyways. The Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival fair is an ideal pitstop with almost every reputable mooncake-dealers participating. It ends on 4th October so be sure to catch it if you're high on MCs. You might even settle a meal full of samples there lol. Happy mooncake shopping!


  1. I am surprised by your choice too and it is TWG that impressed after sampling... If that is the case, you will love their pastries.

    I tried their mooncakes and I thought it tasted similarly to their pastries, that was why I have decided to give it a miss...

    Now I am looking forward to the opening of their new branch at ION =)

  2. wow.. those TWG mooncakes look exquisite. speaking of which, i just had a bag of chamomile tea from TWG whilst in Dubai. fantastic!!!

  3. Hi there!

    Nice blog here! Heard many rave abt TWG mooncakes but we've yet to try it. Have you tried Sze Chuan Court snowskin mooncake? Feuilletine-Hazelnut with wafer crunch nuts and baileys chocolate are pretty good too:)

  4. Fen: same here.. think it will be quite a hit at ION with its prominent position. i've tried their pastries and liked them.. tot they make quite decent macarons too (:

    Sihan: wow dubai, i wanna go there! havent tried their chamomile but they've recently intoduced a new flavour to accompany their mooncakes.. Called Silver Moon tea. its a green tea infused with fruits,pretty good too =D

    Sistafood: hi thanks~ nope haven't tried theirs but im a super baileys fan so i will certainly try to get my hands on some! thanks for the recommendation (:



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