Friday, September 25, 2009

Bakerzin: Have desserts & ONLY desserts

Phew i made it here just before August swerved away.

The 50% offer on all classic desserts is too tempting to resist even if food/service is bound to displease. Accruing to that, chew on Bakerzin's newly revamped menu. Mimicked after a magazine publication.

Hello porkchops, macau porkchop bun, hazelnut butter spaghetti & a judicious upgrade of selected desserts...

Goodbye all unreceptive asian desserts (smart move!)...

Here's the Assam Prawn Linguine ($13.80) looking so deceptively harmless. I like the fact it came with 5-6 sizeable prawns, but not the reality of encountering shell traces. The big picture: spill some concentrated assam paste over pasta and there you got it.

In attendance of Trio of Bruschetta ($9.80), 2 out of 3 screwed up. I saw no wonder in cheese & tomato blanketing wet bread; and would rather have plump juicy mushrooms on bruschetta than these oil-logged mushroom chips (poor juices got expelled). Spicy otah ciabatta was best among them but also excessive in grease.

Lesson to learn: Please TOAST breads!

You'd probably heard it a million-&-one times... Bakerzin's desserts are usually responsible for turning the scores around. They are a real steal at half-price! (:

The signature Daniel Tay-prided Warm Chocolate Cake ($4.90 after discount) now sits on a slice of flavour-boosting orange confit and continues to promise molten outflows.

Gotta rave about their souffles too. The Bailey's Irish Cream Souffle ($4.40 after less) i bestowed upon bore wonderfully airy and moist eggwhite lushes, almost sublime when drizzled with the shot of bitter espresso. Can't wait to try Chocolate on my next visit to see how they compare with Laurent's The Ultimate~

Whether old or revised menu, i'm sticking to my original stance:
Bakerzin is only great for DESSERTS.

Extends no further.

81 Clemenceau Avenue
#01-15 UE Square Shopping Mall
6738 6992


  1. I second that! The 1 time I tried the main courses at Bakerzin has scarred me for life haha. No way am I having anything other than DESSERTS there ha.

  2. yupp we should save the money and stomach space for better food elsewhere! hee (=



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