Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Etna Italian Restaurant

Etna is impressive. Pleasant place, unbelievable pasta and a fabulous Italian PR manger overseeing your meal. I can't believe it has slipped past my notice for so long.

My meal unfolded nicely on a quiet weekday evening, where Etna's regulars soon began to fill in. What snuggled to me most was the strong Sicilian roots in their menu- expect to find Sicilian dishes, Sicily-imported ingredients and plenty of Sicily pistachio shadows here. Having Luigi to initiatively turn up the lightings for my camera was a bonus pleasure indeed.

Etna serves a basket of toasty olive-oil drizzled baguettes crunchy as croutons and embellished by sundried tomatoes & olives. I usually avoid those side salties but here they help eradicate the monotony of eating plain bread alone.

my top-it-yourself sundried tomato crostini

Spaghetti Vongole

Tagliolini Scampi

Here's the delicious homemade Tagliolini Scampi pasta which blew me away whoa. It wasn't so much the sight of enormous prawns (sadly lacklustre in taste) or undeniably vivid sauce... it was the amazing homemade Tag made so amazing. Every strand was poised of equal thinness, impeccably distinct and cooked adroitly aldente. Coats so well with the sweet robust sauce.

Love such opaque tomato sauces that drapes so naturally. And check out those fine quality strands...the best i've had so far. All in all a fantastic dish crippled by the lack of succulent seafood.

Pistachio Tiramisu

Luigi recommended the Pistachio Tiramisu for dessert and im further convinced by Etna's strength. Adding some nutty Bruno-imported green elevates the classic dessert out of its norm. The sticky pistachio layer diverts attention yet lends another dimension of richness to the vanilla-ry mascarpone. Only looking for a little more moisture here cos i prefer my tiramisus better soaked.

Taste can be a subjective matter. Anybody may disagree with my hyped-up satisfaction i'm certain i had a wonderful meal at Etna. With Luigi being one contributing factor (:

Update: (1st Sep 09) Received news from the management that Luigi has left the company.

Etna Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
110 Upper East Coast Road
6444 9530


  1. Pistachio tiramisu... That is something different...

    I tried Tom's Palette Pistachio ice-cream and I found the pistachio concentrate too strong to my liking, prefer the real nut...

    How was this compared to the classic tiramisu?

  2. yup first time im seeing it too! its like tiramisu with a extra layer of pistachio paste. its quite concentrated but maybe cause i like pistachio so i think its a good twist to the cake (:

    haven't tried Tom's pistachio yet... im always eating the cheesecake ones there =p



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