Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

My impressions of this unheeded company stagnated after a plate of fried mee suah-alike capellini. That was a year ago at their peaceful siglap outlet. Despite that minor trauma, the appeal of homemade pasta still pumps my courage to revisit... And im elated to say, the Bukit Timah store has single-handedly restored my faith. Kudos.

I love the concept of Pasta Fresca. Every order is built from two parts, where you first select a sauce base followed by your choice of pasta. No rules, no pre-coupled restrictions, you're basically the designer of your own. They have close to 20 pasta varieties (various shapes & forms) available, out of which gnocchi and raviolis included. All guaranteed fresh and produced in their central factory daily.

Can't say much about the Spaghetti Alla Pastora ($15.90) cos my fork barely touched it. Except it is bacon & mushrooms tossed in a tasty saute of olive oil, garlic and chilli. Or why not just say bacon aglio olio.

In part i was distracted by my Linguine Alla Marinara ($18.90)- a plethora of prawns, squid, clams & mussels bathed in a robust tomato sauce. Which was delicious. Also offered in white wine sauce but trust me, the Reds take the victory here.

The linguine i picked appeared in a trio of colours (regular, spinach & carrot if my guesses are accurate), softened past aldente point but jammily beautified by that roma-glaring sauce. I secretly wished they'd put in more sauce so i could be spared from taxingly scraping the traces off.

Our confidence diffused over to dessert...

Happily lingered on for a Panna Cotta ($7.90), blob of rich compressed cream drizzled with bitter-blooded amaretto (i love!). Amaretto is veto and no doubt the major player here. It makes the combination superb... just like how 'fresh pasta' drives my optimissism in Pasta Fresca.

Let the meesuah bygones be bygones.
Mishaps do happen.

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore
833 Bukit Timah Road
#01-02/03 Royal Ville
6469 4920


  1. i've passed by this italian restaurant in siglap a dozen time but never got motivated to try it out...
    seems like the prices to the pasta dishes are attractive enough to lure me in...

  2. btw,i like ur descriptive writing .. keep it up

  3. Haha! I went there on Saturday!

    Wasn't too pleased though =( May it was just the stuff I ordered.

    Tiramisu was alright though - a tad on the sweet side

  4. I agree mishaps do happen at every restaurant. A fantastic meal today does not guarantee that tomorrow. Hits and misses are part of the fun for us foodies, isn't it? =) I'm glad they win you over this time!

  5. adel: hi adel thanks alot for the encouragement!

    if you are planning to visit fresca, i would recommend trying the other outlets instead. found the standards at siglap paling quite abit in comparison with bkt timah.

    Glenn: oh was it the bkt timah one? btw i saw another italian place just a few shops away from it called Casa Roma.. it looks pretty popular with the people there too (:

    myfoodsirens: high5 on that! and it is such misses that bring out the good of the hits haha =D



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