Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bella Pizza

Owner-chef Antonio remembers me from my first visit, just like how i wouldn't forget his swift service recovery. An enthusiastic greeting from the man pitched my second dinner at Bella... embellished by suave scenes of him helming the kitchen pans that night. Hah my thing for chefs.

The Calamari Fritti ($17) served with lime & arrabiata sauce proved cent-for-cent quality (do your translations). Looks like one whole plump squid had been sacrificed for these sizeable rings under a neither heavy nor crispy batter. Dieting squids can never evolve into such mean frittis.

I wonder how some people can candidly revel in the dark side. Bella's Tagliollini al nero de seppia ($19)= thunder lightning deepdown black to the extremes. Homemade pasta with cuttlefish, cherry tomatoes (oh how bright they were!) and black squid ink. Squid ink is tasty yes, at the expense of dining glamity.

Bella wouldn't be Bella Pizza without a reason. I struck a chord with Pizza Salmone ($20)- a highly decent combination of smoked salmon, shimeiji mushrooms and mozzarella. Base is fine between a pan-crust & thin-crust but a creamier breed of cheese would do better.

Not...Tiramisu again! Boring dolce eaters we are. This is probably the most aerated Tiramisu i've met. The mascarpone's been fully transformed into an air-pumped mousse and able to hold so well, im certain about gelatine in the works.

In situations of unabiding lightings like this, i'll rather slacken on photography to deeper focus on my meal. Antonio came over with some limoncello this time (we had champagne on the last), sensationally evaporative as a useful digestif... And all bad impressions washed away by his professionalism.

Three cheers for BellaP.

Bella Pizza
30 Robertson Quay
#01-14 Riverside View
6734 0139


  1. Looks good. I must seriously go start reviewing some European restaurant. Though one thing for certain, the price looks a little pricey. Is it worth it?


  2. hi justin, nice to hear from you (: hmmm i guess bella is decent for a relaxed italian meal. its quite a small place but probably one of the most well-recieved italian outlet at Robertson Quay.

  3. Hi elaine,

    so the place would be something like a little home run restaurant with the picture of the chef running things everywhere? sounds like a fabulous hideout for italian food.



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