Friday, September 18, 2009

Gusttimo Di Roma

Saying gusttimo winds myself to hum Ti Amo...
but it's no love declaration for their gelatos.

Not that they're any short of L-O-V-E. Binding the gelateria chain together is a riveting love tale between two Korean food-passionists, their affinity in culinary school, a gelato-making course & 230 ideas.

They have a couple of inconceivable flavours like can-you-believe-it?! rice, white wine, masala chai tea, cereal milk chocolate, panna cotta, vanilla cake... yada yada. Almost one cup too many. You'll probably take more time thinking of what goes into your cup than the speed it empties!

Here's my no-nonsense triple scoop cup ($5.90) capped with a cute mini cone. I could lap up easygoing yogurt anytime, bear with the slightly awkward walnut, but i refuse to swallow all of vapid kiwi bleah.

Gusto= eating with gusto, Ottimo = savouring the ultimate flavour. When food doesn't fully satisfy (ie. i did not eat with gusto lol), at least they have pretty interiors to dwell under...and plenty of flavours to ponder about.

Like um, what's next?

Gusttimo di Roma
2 Orchard Road
#01-15 ION Orchard

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