Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ice Edge Cafe: Frosted in Kovan

The icecreams are creeping nearer and nearer...

I discovered a budding Ice3-mimick narrowly five minutes from my place! Marvelling on the proximity, i swung by twice within 3 days to get some first-hand icecream coverage.

Expect to find waffles, affogatos, finger food & a sustainable range of Y-gen flavours here. I'm definitely more into their milky concoctions than icy sorbets. The vitasoy-resembling Soyabean Milk is prolly smoothest among the lot & had whole almonds thrown in to curtail it's oppressive sweetness. Mango-Passion & Plain Yogurt were closely decent but the Raspberry Yogurt & Green Tea failed to arouse me .

Regular gelato cups are priced at $3.20 each & $4.80 for premium flavours (think Mao Shan Wang). Convenience aside, i felt they had scoopfuls of rough edges to fine-tune, particularly on the unflattering texture. But looks like little needs to be done... cos anything hip+icecream+chillout will automatically plot an ascending graph wouldn't it? The Y-crowd was already fervently rolling in.

The Serangoonians have Ice3, we Kovanians have our Ice Edge (: Good to have a new chillout haunt but it takes a formidable monster to beat that Ice3 fanaticism out of me. Maybe too formidable to exist lol.

Ice Edge Cafe
2 Kovan Road
#01-10 Simon Plaza
Opens 12noon-12am daily


  1. Hey elaine,

    Nice of you to drop by my blog, I've been reading yours for quite some time now as well heh. The soyabean milk ice cream from ice edge cafe looks really nice, pity it's a bit far out from where I live.

    Could I add you on my links (in my blog)? :)



  2. hi there harris,
    been reading your blog too & im so glad about the frequent updates... mine's forever piling on backlogs haha. sure of course, no probs about linking! would be more than happy for that (:

  3. well, you make up for the backlogs with great pictures and reviews :)

  4. What are the flavours available at ice edge cafe? :D



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