Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raspberry Coconut Rhapsody

Raspberry Mousse. Raspberry Gelee. Coconut Dacquoise. White Chocolate. Pistachio.

Pink is alluring. Raspberries are love. With a few punnets of raspberries piled in the refrigerator, i had a sudden idea of colluding them with..... coconut! Imagine. Senses-awakening tartness paired with musky depths of the tropical fruit hmmmm.

No use of coconut cream here. I trickled it in through the form of a dacquoise made with dessicated coconuts & a small proportion of ground almonds. The alloy actually turned out softer & airier than regular, replete with coconutty fragrance.

Ever since i started using dacquoise i never wanted to revert to sponge cake dependance anymore. There's so many reasons in it to love: extra texture, fuss-free to prepare, oil-free- which meant less probability of feeling queasy.

If you've noticed... i also decided not to strain the berry seeds away, for a verifiable reason. My family is fond of having some nitty crunch in their desserts and retaining them would please the folks better. Try offering them a chocolate brownie vs a chocolate walnut brownie... & you'll see what i mean haha.

The combination was palatably genial!

If you are highly receptive to coconut transformations (like mummy), or share an undying love for berries as i did... you'll likely not reject this Marriage-in-pink (: A whole load of fresh raspberries invested in there!


  1. well done with that combination! looks simply divine. almost a pink overkill. haha. Your favorite color perhaps?

  2. oh ya, mind if we exchange links? =D I've been a silent reader of yours for ages! Ha.

  3. sihan: thanks girl~ nope not the best-loved color, but one of the favourites. yep agree its too pink.. maybe should have added a pistachio layer in there =p

    myfoodsirens: thanks so much haha, its really nice to hear that (: and no probs bout linking.. will be updating my bloglinks soon.

  4. for such a young age, i am amazed at ur ability to bring a creative and delicate cakes from time to time, well done! hope you could display the recipe too...



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