Friday, September 4, 2009

Mango Mousse Cake

mango mousse. mango jelly. almond dacquoise. pineapple & mango compote.

A simple mango mousse cake brings back chunks of memories for me. I could count a million times i had it since a child.

It was the failproof cake for most of our family occasions (either mango, pandan or chocolate)

It was the first ever cake i bought on my own at the age of 7. A classic Jack's Place mango mousse for Mum's birthday.

It is the cake i'll pick at Bakerzin when feeling undecisive; which always happens.

It is one unerring flavour suitable for folks of all ages. Mangoes are nothing new right?

In my version i hosted fresh mango mousse with mango jelly slices on almond dacquoise instead of a sponge base. The jelly was prepared in a separate mould, chilled to solidify before embedding it within the mousse. No use of mango essence or extracts here cause i believe nothing beats the goodness of real fruits.

So glad to have mastered this! For a while i've been attempting various recipes in search of a good & unfailing method. The cream-based mousses are often too mushy and shortlived, whereas this had a lasting form and great texture. Gonna stick with this custard-based technique period.

No need for Bakerzin's mango dosages anymore!


  1. hello! nice photos there. maybe you'd like to share your recipes in ur future entries? yea they look so nice that i wanna try baking too! =)

  2. Love the way you wrote your thoughts with a simple cake...

    Didn't know that mango mousse is your choice when BakerZin is concerned... I thought you are a tiramisu or chocolate lover =)

  3. zayp: hi there, thanks for your comment! sure no probs, will try to share some recipes in the future entries (:

    for some im not able to input because they're me experimenting in the kitchen so i don't have the exact recipes for them =p

    Fen: thanks fen~ oh i only started to like tiramisu lately.. my dad loves it but it's not one of my favourites. im more for cheesecakes, fruity & nutty desserts =p



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