Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sundays are for..

Rising snooze-free, embracing the sun, heading downtown, choosing Al Fresco, people-watching and chi-chi morning boozes.

Not to forget, scripting a new chapter like...Breakfast at Canele.

Blue Berry Pancakes ($7.50), looks as if it had endured an unfortunate truck-ranover. Not unfortunate for long. Not when you're flattened over purple berry charms and nursed with maple syrup, creme chantilly & a medicinal dust of icing sugar. everyone's healed.

I fluttered off sugar for a 2-Egg Omelette ($8.50), sans yolk, enveloping ham and mushroom nibbles. it's buttery. it's creamy. it's served with snow white toast & oil-glazed salad and shhh.. secretly guilty.

I have to hand it to these patisseries for the little details, those furtive injections only distinguishable by tongue. Vanilla beans in chantilly, cream in omelette, white bread ambushed with imps that say 'im no inferior!'

My Sunday morning, spent on a dreamy white table & chair.
The end.

Canele Patisserie
1 Scotts Road
#01-01A Shaw Centre
6738 9020

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