Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweets for my Sweet

A Valentine's day dinner dedicated to my Mum & Dad.

Mum's a thrifty character. She is one person who would steer clear of festive menus at restaurants because those exorbitant 3-digit figures daunts her so badly.

That's mum we can't change,

But there was something i hoped i could do...

Warm Foccacia Bread
Extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & balsamic vinegar

1st Entrée

Pan-Seared Scallops
With peppered tangerines, lemon cream, mesclun salad, French dressing

2nd Entrée

Sea Scallops Fettuccine
Green spinach fettuccine in butter herb sauce, confit scallops, chilli flakes, diced strawberries, balsamic glaze


Pan-Seared Red Snapper
Red Snapper fillet, wild garlic sauce, seasoned vegetable nibbles, roasted garlic baby potatoes

Mustard & Herb Pork Loin Chops
Oven-roasted marinated pork loins, deglazed pan gravy, mesclun salad, roasted garlic baby potatoes


Warm Chocolate Fondant
Molten dark chocolate centre, vanilla icecream, fresh berries

i'm praying, this devised meal would be a dinner to remember..


  1. It sounds like you are going to cook or are these the dishes you have whipped out for your parents? It looks delicious...

  2. Valentine's dinner from Divine Essentials :)

  3. I like the pork chops. Makes me hungry.

  4. Fen: oh im so sorry bout the confusion in the entry.. but yupp i made the dinner for my parents (:

    brad: haha wah you make DE sound like a brand already =p

    skcuscil: my dad likes pork chops, so that dish is for him (:

  5. Every brand has a brand personality. What a coincidence, I like pork chops too LOL. Yes yes and double baked biscuits too. =D~~~

  6. dear, when is my turn? love scallops too.

  7. Wow... not your fault for the confusion... It looks so good and delicious and I am sure your parents had one of the best Valentine meal... Nothing beats home-cooked food plus prepared with love by dearest daughter...

    Moreover, the presentation of the dish looks professional and neat... =)

    Ice, are you comparing this with what double bay offers? Pan seared scallops seems to be your favourite.

  8. Count me in for the pan seared scallops as well! :D~~~ Truffle butter and yuzu sauce.. mmmmmm

  9. haha, i am willing to fork out alot of cash to savour those =)*hats off*

  10. ice & fen: oooh are the duble bay scallops really that good? looks like i gotta go try it one day...i love scallops too! (: (:

    fen: thanks so much for the comments. no la definitely not professional yet but i'll keep trying to improve~

    skcuscil: hmmm where to get scallops with Truffle butter and yuzu sauce? sound good! =D

    matthew: haha wah thanks! the value of my food have just gone up because of that, hee =p

  11. finally.. the v-day post on the food u prepared for u parents. all the courses look delicious! great job.. and those scallops. gosh. i had to grab a tissue at that instant your seared scallop entre hit the screen. *groanz*

  12. sihan: thankyouu girl (: wow it seems like scallops are a big hit with everyone!



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