Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Foreword: If there ever is an italian food fanclub, i would run for president. Obssession is not the wrong word to use.. i am constantly craving for unfolded italian outlets to impress me. simply put, i possess a never-say-die spirit in search of better renditions of M&P.

Marinara/frutti di mare & Panna Cotta addict.


Evading from Bonta's extravagantly conceit menu, i saw myself plunging into Spizzico on intuition-driven impulse. And i met MINO.

The reality figure of BFG-alike Hagrid (Mr Potter's third arm at Hogwarts), Mino was sheer opposite from his intimidating frame. No haughty airs, no intrusiveness, no explosive attitude or temper... just a humble chap who gets involved in even menial tasks at the restaurant. Despite his managerial stature.

Awesome man. He made my meal.

Picture him!

The food didn't disappoint badly either.

To begin with a steaming-hot bread basket was impression won over. Excellent sheets of pizza bases in there, akin to the naans.

Spaghetti Vongole ($16)

They've got sticky sauces.

Sauces that cling so huggingly onto the strands like okra's gooey substance. Probably the effect of pasta-cooking-liquid, which unfortunately wasn't to dad's favour. Soupy whitewine sauces for Spaghetti Vongole is best for him.

Spaghetti Marinara ($22)

The next sticky thing upholds the title of Seafood Galore. Swarmed by a plethora of crab halve, mussels, clams, shrimps, squids... and crayfish! was my Spaghetti Marinara minus the cream.

Panna Cotta Caffe ($8)

Mino approached to deliver his testimonial on desserts. which all turned out to be out-of-the-box creations.

Tortino Cioccolato ($12)

From the unornamented Panna Cotta Caffe looking like an overturned tofu (and tasted like one too!) slashed with coffee syrup.. to the Tortino Cioccolato -warm chocolate cake- involved in its stack between vanilla icecream and milk-soaked cake crumbs in a sundae glass. Both were total eye-openers.

Just like how Mino conducted the night.

the pizza station. check out that old-fashioned weighing scale!

i cut off the hideous half of the photo LOL,
Mino will do~

+ the mysterious 20% discount as another reason to feel good about (:

81 Clemenceau Avenue
UE Square Shopping Mall #01-13
6333 6174


  1. haha, if u volunteer to whip up a sumptous italian meal for yr members every fortnightly or something, i think becoming president isn't too difficult =P ohh, and i think u shld take photo together wid the chefs of those restaurants u patronize, always only see the chef in the pic. =S in the way u can give yrself a more chef-like or apprentice-like public image on yr blog, don't u think so? =)

  2. can i be ur bodyguard if you are president?



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