Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whisk Cafe: The Confused Kid

black cat. Whisk. food.
I'm clueless about their relation.
Anyhow, it was elation to hear of Whisk's sprouting just as the orchard dining scene needed an expansion. Right inside the fashionistic wisma atria.

Concept's hideous-mysterious, or whatever apt terms you would use to describe black & red Emily. Imagine sadist Emily crashing into Alice's door-copious wonderland- that's exactly how i could depict it. Closer to confusion than wonder.

Mikimo's Pasta ($13.90)

Take for instance the mikimo's pasta- intending to fuse spaghetti, japanese braised beef and a tricky poached egg into carbonara sauce. yes creativity holds, but acceptance was at risk. good thing, my friend gave her approval.

Oven-roasted Snapper ($17.90)

I pinned down on the oven-roasted snapper after a lasting menu-scrutinization. The lean snapper loin's mistily soaked up the juices of its bacon ribbons, hemmed by roasted root veggies and potatoes. Just the portion that made me sore about footing twenties after tax.

R's Carrot Cake ($5.90)

Desserts fall into the western categories.

R's carrot cake, despite being bare on presentation, was particularly actuating. Heavily crammed comfort and an affable frosting to polish off~

Apple Pie with Ice-cream ($7.90)

Then paling in comparison, the dry shrivelled apple fillings of apple pie with icecream lacked cohesion with its shortcrust conterpart.


At least, it was one of its own kind.

Whisk Cafe. Lounge

435 Orchard Road

#03-15 Wisma Atria

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  1. nice write up, yet to try whisk, but i reckon it will be sooner than later since they are right in the middle of town, and prices seem reasonable. btw paisley and cream close down already



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