Sunday, February 1, 2009

BerryLite: Heapful of Cultures

Froyo-lovers alert!
there is now a new reason for the east-siders to rejoice.

I couldn't contain my excitement when i first saw traces of a new store replacing the defunct Venezia Gelateria in Parkway Parade. BerryLite 100% Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt.. coming soon, it read. And i returned weekly just to track on its progress.
Brothers Mark & Rey have put my impatience to an end.
The affable siblings (not to be mistaken as twins though i see a resemblence!) brought in a new kick to the realm of froyo-making on our sunny island. Mark explained that their US-imported, 100% fat-free swirls are certified highly probiotic-bacteria concentrated, and lined with plenty of fresh flavours to anticipate.

how does a 100% fat-free, almost-icecreamy chocolate froyo sound?

top it up with everything from berries, grapes, pomelo, pomegranate, aloe vera to nata de coco...

staffs, training in progress.

Well that's to accompany their official opening on
21st Feb 2009 (:

small original + strawberries, blueberries & pomelo

Currently serving, the mainstay Original is quite a refresher. Soft, light, and finished with a tang of citrusy lemon... its close to having a frozen natural yogurt. Comparing to yoguru, i'll say sorbet vs icecream.

small green tea + pomegranate, strawberries, blueberries

Or go zen with the Green Tea... thoughtfully infused with its caffeine bitterness. For the matcha-tolerants, plop on the complimentary green-tea powder generously. external intensification.

small strawberry + strawberries

I wouldn't miss out on this latest addition- Strawberry. Seeing it pink, tasting it smooth, feeling the subtly strawberry-jazzed aftertaste. crowned as my favourite flavour till date!

carrot cake ($5.90)

Not just frozen yogurts.

The American Carrot Cake (and a few others) are pure imports, densely crammed with carrots and pineapple bits. Seemed stale (must be the plane-ride over lol), far from the cedele ultimate, but passable in its way.

Go get your guiltless yogurt fix.

one's insufficient for my big froyo appetite.

Now i have a reason to visit Parkway Parade more often (:

80 Marine Parade Road
#B-83J Parkway Parade


  1. OMG I so have to try this.. It's so far from where I reside though.. :(

  2. vicki: froyo's are so irresistible (: but yes, you live all the way at the other end of the island!
    perhaps find a place you been wanting to eat at the east, then drop by parkway parade.. so the trip would be more worthwhile =D

    btw, ive just tried the chocolate flavour it really tastes like icecream!

  3. yes, I love berrylite too! It's different from the other frozen yoghurts sold in ice cream palours... it's small texture is splendid.



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