Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tatsuya: of Finest Realms

It was a meal grazed through in almost complete silence.

blame it on the unusually hushed atmosphere at dinner time, the solemn expressions as the sushi chefs showcased dexterous professionalism...

mere centimetres distace away hence the do-not-comment-or-speak-aloud virtue holds, or simply the amazing nosh that yields speechless outputs...

No qualms about it.

everything above played a part in capturing my high esteems.

Personally perturbed by the steep prices involved (and a $400+ regrettable incident at Inagiku), I rarely touched on japanese fine-dining accounts. because the principle goes, you pay for what you get.

(delineate this: humans tend to crave for the best, but limitation comes in our financial capacities. we can only expect a either substandard; or just trivial portions of the supremes for the wealth-armed fortunates. sad fact is, tiny satisfactions are easily be vanquished by greed. and as we continue seeking for more or the better, we come to realise how we're strapped down by cruel reality.)

-please pardon me for my gp-inspired jabberish.-

ahh, all that monetary-demoralization. i'd rather not.

Miso Soup

Enough of digressions. i'll head in frankly.. Tatsuya takes your mind off the niggling matter. they make the dollars worth, at least for me.

Salmon Jyu ($35)

orders arrived in a jiffy.

dad's salmon jyu was beauty-in-a-ricebox: all that uniformly sliced sashimi bursting of healthy orange, and edible flowers to couple. devoured away in a jiffy too.

seafood salad ($12, for small)

how i loved my mini sashimi salad. a brilliant assemble of paper-thin greens, fresh wakame ribbons, excellent seafood raws & a deliciously light sesame dressing to finish. give me one more, regular.

Kaki Karatsuki ($12)

Kaki Karatsuki is found on the seasonal menu. another tiny-tot combining squid and salmon roe with fruity essences of papaya and orange peel preserves. gone in a(few) pops.

Yaki Tamago ($3)

Yaki Tamago- one of the few things i risk my yolk-abstinence for~

imprinted words on my favourite egg dish always amazes me. curiousity haunts me. how how how is it done? whatsoever, this can be declared one of the more outstanding versions found on our island (best so far from Hilton Otaru, Hokkaido. those magical omelette sponges~). dashi-locking is a crucial factor.

Gindara ($23)

sleek and polished, was how the grilled Gindara read. its hard not to crave for a larger slice of this tasty miso-rubbed beauty.

Milk Pudding ($8)

Like a gelatine-deficient Panna Cotta, parfaited between caramel sauce and dabbles of vanilla beans. Or creme caramel deconstructed, whichever.

Peach Icecream ($6)

followed by a refreshing scoop. the peach icecream's almost sorbet-ish character, perfumed with mild sprays of momoko made it a peppy way to conclude the meal.

like sweet and simple story endings, lovely.

a local, a japanese, a chinese. the three masters behind the top-notch food. plus a team of impressively efficient service staffs. to keep my lips sealed.

what a meal (:

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant
22 Scotts Road
Goodwood Park Hotel
6887 4598

(PS. note to dad: thanks for the meal to help counter my pre-back-to-school blues. i know you've been working hard, trying your very best to finance/support my dining & blogging interests. just wanted to let you know that i really appreciate all the efforts. thankyou lots!)


  1. i understand the effects of fine jap dining. once 3 of us busted $800 at shirashi.. but the sashimi was so totally worth it.

    I want a sugar daddy too! hehe.

  2. hey elaine, you should have tried the lunch sets. They're incredibly good and reasonably priced. For less than $30, you can eat like a princess and it's got everything you had here for dinner. We could go together next time if you like. :D

  3. sihan: wow $800! i haven't spent so much on a meal yet =p but yes i agree sashimi is one thing worth splurging on (:

    ice: sounds like a great deal! okay sure lunch date soon(:



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