Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bento: Better-ly Captured!

finally, the bentos met Mister DSLR.

Hoppy Bounty
mushroom kamameshi simmered rice, grilled teriyaki salmon, okra+cherry tomato wafu salad, minced porkballs, cocktail sausages, quail egg, mini palmiers.

Mickey's Garden
ume somen in sesame-garlic sauce, japanese preserved plum, shiitake & carrot, handshaped seasoned hamburg patties, pepper-breaded scallops, homemade tamagoyaki, california maki, tako & cucumber salad, chocolate chip cookies.

Oink Oink.

Burgers take on a new identity with shrimp cutlets, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & tonkatsu sauce sandwiched between bakery pillow buns. Mr Piggie 1 & Mr Piggie 2.. we're just short of number 3.

The aquarium version only got uglier- it was difficult to add life to these unattractive fishes. Eventually truncated on the features and stuck rigid sausage tails to finish. Centering tempura hake fillets & tartar sauce~

Burger Boxie
Tempura Fish Fillet Burger, Shrimp Cutlet Piggie Burger, coleslaw, hashbrown stars, broccoli, mini burger biscuits.

*hooked to bento-making.


  1. They are so lovely... How did u manage to get these inspirations? I wouldn't have thought of that...

    Something different from other food blogs as most focus on bakes and home-cooked food... If only they are not real food, they do make lovely displays =)

    Have you considered learning food styling? I thought you do have the talent.

  2. The piggy ones look familiar... Hmm..

  3. fen: i got some of the ideas from books and the net, but some are self-created while i do the bento planning on my sketch book..

    i would love to learn food styling! wouldn't say i have the talent but i certainly have the interest in it (: can probably go lesson-hunting around the end of the year =D

    fatpig: hmm why do they look familiar?

    yixiao: thanks girl! (: (:



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