Monday, February 2, 2009

Riders Cafe

For a quirky horses-in-breakfast-vicinity experience, saddle club is the place to go.

reserved appears on every table!

Looks like animal-watching have made it to the top 10 past-times chart amongst singaporeans and caucasians...
Riders' popularity only goes one-way.

They are still as occupied as ever.

On second visit, getting psyched by horsies again wasn't the most memorable to recall- the service management really has much to work on! They first get your assuring compliance to empty the table within 60 minutes (for the next reservation slot)...then daunt you with a crazy 30 minute food-waiting duration.

And how it irks to hurry through sunday breakfasts!

Camomile Tea ($3)

count on Dome for bestest biscotti nibbles.

Pancakes ($10)

Pancakes are clearly the morning bestsellers. Three griddled rounds puddled with blueberry sauce, fuss-free to easily load you up. Plus three extra points for piping the whipped butter~

pretty Smoked Salmon 'roses' ($4)

Omelette ($11)

I love headstarting my day with an ideal carbo+protein pairing. The omelette encasing my choice of mushrooms & bell peppers, thick brown toasts and chopped fruits would fit the bill if NOT blemished by the oil-overload. Even the 2 piped butters cant save that.

And i quickly vanished off after brekkie to snap the horses outside. at least they move slowly to accomodate to the lazy mornings creed. looks like i've got to find a new spot to laze my sundays away.

Farewell, horsies.

Riders Cafe
51 Fairways Drive
6466 9819
pls make your reservations!


  1. Haha, thats crazy, where got cafe ask ppl to faster eat and siam within 1 hour of stepping in sia, i would leave immediately if they tell me that. anyway, nice blogging! i've been faithfully following yr food series. haha =) ms makan sutra.

  2. hi matthew! wow thanks (: ooh cause that place is sooo far and i would rather accomodate with the timings than make a wasted trip there =p eh i haven't managed to spot your sister yet! LOL.

  3. It does sound stressful to have only 30min to enjoy breakfast, given that they took 30min to prepare your food... That is not how sunday breakfasts are supposed to be like...



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