Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bento: Anpan Man

Mian Bao Cao Ren~

Ahh i was once hooked to this bread-faced man's cartoon series. And eating redbean-filled buns shaped of its irresistibly adorable face -even though half my brain was signalling towards to porkflossies. Thanks to Breadtalk and their crafty plot.

Anpan Crazy
japanese steamed rice, honey baked ham, bacon-sausage roll, anpan man potato rounds, tonkatsu sauce in anpan man sauce holder, anpan man chocolate biscuits.

At Hokkaido, a concidental meet with these fitting bento products spelled an indefensible spending. Tokyo Hands ain't Daiso where $2-ses depart with small pinches...they go by hundreds to thousands of yen! and i swear it wasn't easy to nitpick from such an extensive bento section.

They appear gloriously even at the supermarkets. from biscuits, chocolates, beverages to frozen products... Anpan man & friends are a commonsight.

ta-dah, the final product with cherry tomatoes on.
i so feel like pinching his cheeks~

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