Friday, June 5, 2009

A Celebration for Doooooonuts!

Its National Doughnut Day and i can't wait to rattle on my love for donuts. Apparently the Americans honor the first Friday of June each year since 1938 to solicit donations for the Salvation Army. On this day all donut outlets across the United States- small shops to large national franchises- will offer free donuts in exchange for voluntary donations.. how cool is that! Those lucky Americans.

Donuts never left my diet when i was a child. I wasn't fussy about these deepfried dough coated with sugar-fancies, could chomp on them at anytime of the day. Dunkin' Donuts used to be my favourite (before they mysteriously disappeared from our island) for i loved their tiny pop-and-go donut munchies. Four Leaves also had similar Do-Balls, mouthwateringly covered with icing sugar that melts shiokly on the tongue. Even those neighbourhood bakeries' plump old-fashioned sugar rings are hot on my list.

Krispy Kreme Glazed, chocolate & rainbow sprinkles...

Until the KK chaps came along. My first encounter with Krispy Kreme goes way back to Seattle in 2000. Fascination struck me like how Wonka's Chocolate Factory did to Charlie. Their signature Original Glazed, soft fluffy dough under the frailest sweet glaze, simply dissolves in the mouth without a flaw. YUM. Then on, my KK search radar is constantly activated when abroad.

A trip to Korea rekindled the Dunkin' craze. All over Seoul, Dunkin Donuts offered a unexpected range of varieties & flavours that made it impossible to resist. The Malaysian and Thai outlets are slowly slipping off in quality.

Then at Batam, J.Co Donuts caught my eyes like a chic magnet. Their stylish cafe & surprisingly remarkable donuts became my best friends during the trip. Mango, Green Tea, Chocolate Banana, Tiramisu... all decent creations & tadah, they decided to land on our shores for the convenience of Singaporeans.

Ooh, Donut Factory. No one would ever forget the huge donut hoo-hah cum crazy 3-hour queue times during their glorious days. Loved, & still loving their Orange White Chocolate and Spicy Cheese... both sweet and savoury well incorporated over pillowy rings. Thank god they claim imperviousity to the Indonesian competitor.

yikes, this entry is making me (donut)hungry...
Happy National Doughnut Day!
to all donut lovers out there.


  1. There's really a national donut day? HAHA

  2. yes really really have! but its only in the USA, not for us ): haha.



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