Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Krispy Kreme, MY?

no, its not a mistake. Krispy Kreme really landed on our neighbour's shores.

Sis recently returned from a Malaysia trip with a box of these. That ever-so-familiar white and green. But in there, what's looking like Krispy Kreme isn't exactly Krispy Kreme. The smell: instantly identified as Dunkin' Donuts' classic greasy scent- must have been a similar oil source used. The flavours: Chocolate almond? Cookies & Cream? Seems more like a J.Co's i-wanna-cater-to-southeast asians approach. The taste: no trace of KK's oh-so-melt-in-you-mouthly-soft-and-fluffy traits at all! they really tasted like the average Dunkin' guys (and costs just RM 2.50 each)
In short: quality is appalling.

oh MY, why?


  1. Dunkin' is good! It's opening here soon. :)

  2. oh yay where are they opening? i miss those mini choc & rainbowchip/peanut coated Dunkin' balls that i used to eat when i was young...



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