Saturday, May 30, 2009


F(oodb)loggers: A bunch of prominent names clad unfamiliar faces. You follow them, read them, feel with them... yet hold completely no idea what is behind those illustrious reviews. I'm glad i met 23 at the Annual Food Bloggers' Lunch.

Our menu for the day was intently planned to showcase Chef Gunther Hubrechsen's well-rounded skills, covering 4 courses at $45 nett.

Every formal meal begins with bread. Gunther's artisanal take is shaped like a mini baguette, nastily hard-crusted but handy to hold. Sniff its yeasty essence with your eyes shut... you'll find a gist of fresh scone lurking.

Japanese tomato

Kickstarting proper, we had an unassuming Japanese Tomato, vanilla beans & fava bean which intrigued. The vivid red wedge took charge to inject a sharp sensation, forcing the vanilla bean treasures to fade in the background. What a waste.

Cold Angel-hair pasta, caviar

Many gleed upon the appearance of Gunther's signature Cold Angel-hair pasta, caviar with a waft of truffle oil fragrance. The aldente capellini, beautifully slickened and luxuriously topped, made every strand remarkable memorable.

Poached white asparagus, Bouchot mussels

My virgin attempt of the rare white asparagus took off with his Poached white asparagus & Bouchot mussels. The soft slender stick displayed no resistance to the knife, harmoniously dabbed with a hollandaise & balsamic syrup duo. And those wine-spiked baby mussels? Simply splendid.

Grilled Cote de Boeuf, Japanese sweet-corn, sauce Bordelaise

Roasted black pig (pata negra)

While most had their Grilled Cote de Boeuf, my beef-abstinence saw a substitution of Roasted Black Pig (pata negra)- a specie hailing from Spain. Tender fillet, heavy on salt, lined with traces of intertwining fats that melts. Not a fan of red meat but this is a rewarding dish. Loved the uber sweet japanese corn!

Fine apple tart a la dragees, rum & raisin ice-cream

Dessert felt like an oriental roundup. The Fine apple tart a la dragees bore an uncanny resemblence to the Shanghainese red bean pancake, albeit tougher. Apple fillings were almost unidentifiable but the Rum & raisin icecream clearly bore its sweet characteristic.

No doubt an excellently prepared meal. But the most pleasurable thing had to be the unanimous (food)snapping throughout the table, the opportunity to dine & mingle with food passionates- who all lives to eat. That kind of feeling is unsurpassed.

Thanks to Brad & Yixiao for organizing!

Gunther's Modern French Cuisine

36 Purvis Street #01-03

6338 8955


  1. hello elaine, u have pretty photos! :)

  2. Popping by to say HI! Nice meeting you at Gunther's.

  3. Maureen: commented on your blog... your photos are much prettier!

    Hungrycow: oh hi Leroy, was great meeting you too~ was a nice lunch with everyone that day (:



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