Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Part 1 Cafe

Small suburb cafes are on the rising but few are outliving their expected lifespans. Customers come & go and only reliable characters can overcome the precarious hurdle of survival. Little Part 1 is where i would repeatedly head to.

Not just about its visible home-sweet-home agenda. This tiny hideout in Jasmine Road keeps a infidel fusionized menu that soughts to a full fledge of people. Health-obsessionists, fickle eaters... yada yada. Having a variety also helps keep regulars on track.

Their Mango Udon Roll ($8.90) is one thing i wouldn't skip. Vietnamese rice paper brilliantly bundles the textures of avocado, mango, cucumber, mint & springy udon strands within its silky sheen and goes so wonderfully well with a splash of tangy thai sweet chilli sauce. This is what i call an appetiser.

Tofu Steak ($6.90) covers the oriental side. Oven-baked firm beancurd braised in a thick gravy, laced with japanese mushrooms and wakame.

Little's Fish & Chips' ($15.90) came in a sizeable portion that's no kid's play. On taste wise, their take on the conventional cafe classic was neither mindblowing nor lousy.

Few places offer savoury crepes and even fewer do it well. Right here i get a decent Salmon Crepe Roll ($14.90), enveloped with marinated salmon, sauteed mushrooms, onions & some roe based cream. Mozzarella cheese rounds off by fulfilling its sealing job. Crepe elasticity passed.

For dessert, i heeded the waiter's suggestion of a Warm Apple Crumble with icecream ($7.50). At $1 more i upgraded to a scoop of Mocha Almond gelato, saving myself from any probable Wall's/King's/Magnolia discontent. The whole assemble sat on a thin tart crust, embracing scrummy apple fillings that filled my heart warm and fuzzy~

Liked the thirst-quenchers too. Their icy Matcha Shake is a resplendent shade from the hot sunny weather, anytime. *slurp.
I'm tempted to be an Upper Thomson resident. hah.

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road
Adelphi Park Estate
6451 7553


  1. hey elaine, i live really really near Little Part 1 but i have yet to try it. haha and they have crepes!

  2. I always, always wanted to go to little part 1 ever since i find out about its existence! but somehow my fate with them not here yet. lol

  3. yixiao: oh cool, so you're an thomson resident! yupp they have quite a few crepes.. there's a crab one which i want to try =D

    brad: cannot base on fate, must take the extra mile to go visit one lol. oh and you haven't gone to parma too =p SEVENTH HEAVEN haha.

  4. Yes, Little Part 1 is a really cool place! They are having Rose beer on Tap next month! I'm going there to try...



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