Thursday, June 18, 2009

Al Forno East Coast: A Pizza Tale

You can call this place anything but an express. The secret is to wait, and convince yourself that patience a virtue.

It was a busy saturday night for the restaurant; my eyes glued to this adept Italian chap assembling the unceasing inflow of orders. Pure hand-handling of the tamed doughs, a ladle of tomato puree, a handful of shredded mozzarella, grab of sliced ingredients... stashed off into the woodfired oven for 5 minutes and ding ding! he rings the bell for service.

Steaming hot it arrived. The baking time was short, but the waiting wasn't. 45 minutes in exact- the same to get Pizza Hut/Canadian Pizza delivered to your doorstep. Difference is, we're seated less than 2 metres away from the pizza counter. Fresh from the oven literally validates.

When hurried by impatient diners, the man expressed with volume; " I am not machine!"

Hence you pay for human craft with a worthy wait.

While the base is not exactly thin, it is not ordeally thick either. A scent of fresh flour diffuses from it and generous ingredients garnished the appearance. I got my crystal prawns, calamari-quality squid rings, fresh cheese on seafood Pizza Costiera (squid & prawns, $22). And Pizza Primavera (fresh rocket salad & parma ham, $25) sufficiently covered with parma.

Ended with their pick me up Tiramisu slice ($9). which contained a mascarpone body that proclaims 'im light' but gradually showed no mercy in consuming your after-meal capacity.

In no time we transitted to 'im filled', then signed off the lengthy pizza night.

Al Forno East Cost
400 East Coast Road
6348 8781

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