Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad's Favourite Things

Hit the pots and pans again for this special occasion. My menu-planning began a week ago but the eventual dishes were only finalized a day before. There's no designated cuisine here, its a convenient mix of everything to suit my theme: Dad's favourite things.

And thanks to a friend's kindness, i had the privilege to work with lavish add-ons like truffle oil & porcini mushrooms, and used a siphon for the first time in my life haha. Also attempted to inject more creativity this time and invested on pricier ingredients.. my apologies if i didn't do justice to any of them!

Photos are pretty lousy as well. The lighting in my house is hardly accentuating and i was clod between cooking on the spot, serving and snapping quick shots ):


Play, Redefined.

Homemade Parmesan, Sundried Tomato & Onion Roll

Amuse Bouche
Marinated Crab Salad, log of Earl Grey, lemon-infused evoo

Cream of Butternut Squash cappuccino, pumpkin seeds, parmesan stick
Hazelnut-crusted Scallop, lobster emulsion, caviar
Scallop & Avocado tartare, tobiko, chives

Breaded Button Mushroom Lollis, citrus aioli

Chilled angel hair, porcini saute, black truffle oil

Panseared Barramundi, bacon buerre blanc, medley of textures, saffron risotto

Fine apple tart, cinnamon, vanilla icecream, crumble

this is my gift to dad. hope the family enjoyed their dinner.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Wow a veritable gourmet feast! I'm sure your daddy loved it. Looks better than Gunther's even! (fine apple tart sounds familiar hehe) These are my favorite things too. :)

    Where did you buy the barramandi from?

  2. your dad must be really proud of u! i think all the restaurants can close down already :D btw, where did u buy the edible flowers from?

  3. ice: thanks ice, but no la of course can't compare with Gunther's. oh i got the barramundi fillets from Cold Storage at parkway parade. Paragon marketplace sells them too (:

    evan: hi evan, actually i got the flowers from my friend who's a chef =p tried to find too but e usual supermarkets dont have them ): only rmb seeing it before at paragon's marketplace, you can try there.. comes in a small box but pretty pricey. i love that supermarket haha!

  4. thank you dear, i'll hv a go at paragon's food hall then :) one more qn! do u follow any cookbook or is everything yr own ideas? i just cant help but feel amazed that u can actually whip up stuffs like that at home! maybe i shd take up cooking lessons from u :D

  5. Lovely spread... The presentation, the style, the food and variety... Wow, how did you manage to churn them at home...

  6. the food looks so good. inspiration from ember restaurant?

    anyways, your Dad is a lucky man.

  7. evan: i didn't follow any cookbooks for this.. but i read up on cooking techniques of some of components of my menu before doing it. do draw inspirations from some restaurant dishes that ive tried too =p

    Fen: hi fen, it took me quite a bit of planning and spending half a day in the kitchen.. but all was worth the effort (:

    mia: hi mia, thanks for the comment! yes ive tried ember once and loved it. bacon sauce was inspired from there.. ember seems to use bacon in a couple of dishes and they all tasted great =D

  8. Wow what a spread. That's one very blessed dad! Ever considered being a chef-for-hire one day?

  9. woah! i'm so blown away by the creativity and photogenic dishes you whipped up!
    are you a culinary student or parents in restaurant business?
    gosh, if you could also share the recipes?! i'm really really impressed!

  10. That earl grey dish looks amazing. Was it just Earl grey + Gelatine mixed in?

    p.s are you culinary-ly(?) trained in any way?



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