Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TWG: of French Gems & Daring Blends

When it comes to tea, nowhere else rivals the boundless selections at TWG. Lucky me lazed an impeccable afternoon in the heart of Republic Plaza, sipping and nibbling time away.

Their astounding variety is truthfully enough to fascinate any Tea Connoisseurs/Gurus out there, let alone a mere tea drinker like me. That's when decision-making is challenged and names play an crucial role. Imperial Rose, chosen for its aesthetically-appealing title, was a blossoming white tea from the regions of China.

Delighted, was how i tucked into my Smoked Salmon a la Russe ($22). A platter of salt-rubbed salmon silvers, roe & garden dill creme fraiche served with toasted brioche. Bridging between buttery bread and french croissant, the brioche slices nicely escalates the dish's richness.

Variety, depicted Celebration ($28)- decking a selection of 4 finger sandwiches, choice of 1 patisserie (or 2 homemade tea pastries), 3 macarons and a pot of tea. For those pleased by entirety in an order.

The sandwich quad featured centers of smoked salmon, shrimp, crabmeat & foie gras respectively. While i thought the mustard-dubbed bread and fillings were alright, these triangles still failed to pass the critic's harsh criterias. Poor things.

Graceful, best described Singapore Surprise. Splendid Vanilla Bourbon Tea infused custard and strawberry traces unleashed from its unpretentious wrapper.. like a creme brulee in tarted disguise. Very surprising indeed.

Urge, led to the order of Crumble ($10)- one unfortunately average red berry crumble bearing the mild esssence of Sakura! Sakura! Tea. My attention was immediately diverted to its Napoleon Cheesecake Icecream complement... which disappeared within moments.

TWG's macarons undeniably edge over many others on our island (Canele excluded lol). Lemon-Praline-Napoleon Tea Macarons. They tasted almost as fine as they looked, but unparalleled with the Vanilla Bean i had a week ago.

The pace and ambience here sets you in for long leisurely chats and a subsequent reluctance to exit their premises. But when you eventually do, your inner heart says.. ' i must come back.'

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
9 Raffles Place
#01-22 Republic Plaza
6538 1837

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