Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marmalade Pantry

i experienced the pantry magic too.

Spending a liabilities-free afternoon on chic nosh is utmost delight. I can only recall everything nice of my virgin visit to posh Palais Renaissance.

Posh Nosh.

Then came along the invariable notions of a tai-tai.

Tai-tai. a privileged lady of means. married and jobless. bounds of leisure time and money. decked in brands. obsessive beauty upkeep. mingles only in reputable social circles. feeds on posh nosh and gossip-exchange.

You see them at Marmalade.

Pan-Roasted Red Snapper ($24)

For the hearty and balanced.
Pan-roasted red snapper with almonds herb crust and chickpea salad depicts protein neat and polished. Crested by 80% breadcrumb-20% almond goldens, troughed by a measly scatter of oil-tossed chickpeas.. and oomph-filled vine tomatoes. that splurts.

The Ultimate Beef Burger ($22)

For the hearty & hungry.
They call it the Ultimate Beef Burger.
Nothing comes baby except for that blackish beef patty downsized in visual comparison. Huge mayo-dubbed buns, bountiful straightcut fries pile, yet a disappointingly overdone centre.. let's falter before we even pronnounce it again.

Sticky Date Toffee Pudding ($12)

Here is the magic.

A sticky DATE toffee pudding?! Utilize the mouth. I got a heavenly smack of sugar rush perfumed with mcdonald-hotcakes-alike goodness. And doubly bilssful when paired with the graceful vanilla bean icecream.
Yes, this is a sticky date toffee pudding.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Homemade Lemon Tart ($12)

The homemade lemon tart with wildberries & raspberry coulis also contained much fairy-appeal. A tartwall-to-fillings disproportion delighted... where chilled, flowy sour-sweet yellow avalanched out of its broken enclosure. berries are my thing too (:

I'd love a slice of the tai-tai life.

Marmalade Pantry
390 Orchard Road
#B1-08/11 Palais Renaissance
6734 2700


  1. i want a slice of tai-tai life too!!

  2. Wow... I like the photo of the aerial view... Looks so spacious with its high ceiling...

    Ice was recommending the sticky date pudding and here it is the entry on what Marmalade Pantry offers... This entry sure comes in handy...

    The food looks good and reasonably priced... Thank you for the post... Definitely on my list to visit soon...

    Btw, do u have any problems with taking photos? I read somewhere that the Taka branch is not camera-friendly...

  3. I see you like your sticky DATE pudding too. But you made it look 200% larger than life haha. I know you love the cupcakes. :)

    fen: There's no Marmalade at Taka, only Toast under the same Marmalade group. It's more a cafe for sandwiches. For hearty good food, you'd have to go Marmalade Pantry at Palais and the other outlets I listed. Try the crabmeat linguine and don't forget the signature cupcakes. Marmalade = sticky date pudding + cupcakes. There's no bad desserts at Marmalade Pantry. So there you go... Go soon!

  4. oh fen, forgot to tell you this. Don't take too long taking photos of the SDP coz once it's not hot, the magic is gone. Best if you order 2, one for photography sake the other purely for eating haha. Just dig in asap. It's worth all the calories.

  5. The fries are factory cut frozen fries =)

  6. Ice: Now that you mention Toast, I recall reading on FoodieQueen's blog. I think it was her blog which mention about the no-photo issue...

    Think I missed out on the other outlets you have listed, can't recall where did I read it...

    Anyway, now Yuan and I have adopted a new style of taking food. Only Yuan will take the food, while I will check on his compo... Once he is on the second dish, I am already digging in =)

    I thought that ppl can't be ordering the same dishes as me, so nowadays I focus more on the ambience and surroundings... so won't be spending alot of time to "cool" or "warm" my food...

  7. sihan: yes how nice it would be to just laze the afternoons away chatting and eating nice food! if only we can all meet up in future for hightea with 'tai-tai' identities, haha =p

    Fen: go try Marmalade soon! i really thought it was a nice place to be, at least for me (: looking forward to seeing your entry on it~

    ice: yupp the pudding is rather small so it makes you crave for more after you're done with that portion.. less is more (: and i do love the cupcakes..especially the CHOCOLATE DELUXE! yums!

    btw have you tried their carrot cake there? a magazine recommended it and im so tempted to get a slice =D

    fatpig: hahas is that an assumption or a confirmation? but ya, it does look like frozen fries to me =p

  8. I am confirming an assumption which was proposed by you lol. And considering that I had to gorge half a plate full of those fries, yes they are frozen fries. =S

  9. definitely would ask you out if i had such a true identity in the future.. (give me a moment to indulge in my fantasies... haha)

  10. you all dont have any problem with taking photographs? I heard of their no-photography rule which puts off my visit

  11. sihan: well girl, we can indulge in the fantasies together! lol =D

    brad: nope, fortunately we didnt face any issues with photo-taking (:



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