Tuesday, January 27, 2009


These guys are the prowess in froyo-making.

Not only securing a bustling spot in Raffles City but owning a genius machine that churns out wonder. And it grows on me.
grow, growing, grown.

mixed & original, fave fruits & chopped almond toppings

Its hard to make out the two flavours- Original or YoguBliss (pomegranate & dragonfruit), both like taste-identical twins. But a combination paints a prettier picture. Huge (i mean it) cups of lavishly fluffed, rich milk swirls with the most exclusive taste... almost like guilt-exempted icecream. Plus, blueberries and chopped roasted almond nuts as sugar-low distractions.


And the fountain as companion.
I make it a point to get my froyo cuppa, always.
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-55 Raffles City Shopping Centre


  1. Been a fan of yoguru ever since it start up in kallang leisure centre! so there's a branch in town now? that's uber cool!

  2. sihan: hey girl, yays highfive! yoguru's really yummy (: yupp actually that outlet's been there for quite some time.. a really convenient location!



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