Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Poppy(seed) 2009!

... and a poppy icecream to begin the new year.

My eyes lit up the moment i read Vanilla with POPPY SEED Gelato at Great World's City Gastronomia da paolo. Whoa, POPPY SEED! I ain't overreacting because poppy seeds are rare here or that they sounded like alien food to me... but it was all because dad once told me they were banned goods (in Singapore)!

You see, poppy seeds are the roots to opium, and opium is in turn the root to human's evil addiction... hence, no citizen should possess such an evil source on our strictly-lawed island right? Plus i've honestly never came across or consumed any poppyseed-containing food in my entire 18 years of living in Singapore.

Everything seemed so logical, and now its totally confusing me! LOL.

Nevertheless, whatever the uncertified PS contradiction, my curiousity was rewarded... Da Paolo is rather amazing. I licked off every bit of that smooth, light yet milky-rich creation, enjoying the release of poppy(seed) sensations with every mouthful. Clearing it up was absolutely easy, except for a slight sugar-overwhelm to tackle near the end.

Sinful, perhaps illegal (haha)... but nothing stops me.
I am hoping for another eye-litting moment the next time i visit GWC.

Da Paolo Gastronomia
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#B1-03/04 Great World City

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  1. so how does poppy seeds actually tasted like? drug that makes u high? haha. thats why you so happy want to revisit again!



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