Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Da Mario Pizzeria: Moving Soon!

Mario is hero.
My hero who never fails to satisfy my pasta cravings with much glee.

Pasta is everywhere, easily crowned as one of the world's most successfully globalised carbohydrate. Its incredible versatility have been so widely adapted... the Americans saw it, the Japanese saw it, and even the housewives saw it as a dinner convenience.

Various renditions have surfaced, been accepted, and made their marks. But i still believe the best creations come from the hands of the Italians.....Like Mario.
Pastas true, blue, and good.

Mario's kitchen is ran by two chefs hand-in-hand; Mario himself at the pasta stove, and a chinese national working on the pizzas. He creates every dish with sincerity, slogging personally everyday (except Mondays) to ensure quality delievered... now that's the true essence of a passionate chef!

Compliementary Bread

Despite being a small pizzeria as it is, Mario makes no compromises in providing a fine atmosphere for his diners. Little details like classy wine glasses, bright red napkins and italy-imported grissini sticks all reflects the meticulous attention paid. Just recently, he's thrown in a basket of complimentary bread slices into the package as well. Homestyle-ly dense, and rich of olive oil.

Calamari fritti ($14)

There is just something special about his Calamari Fritti. Quoted "Da Mario style", these squid rings are evenly encircled with the lightest batter coat and a gritty dust of herbs. Though not the best of plump bouncy squids used, it is definitely calamari one of a kind.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Costiera ($20)

A new creation under the chef's reccomendation caught our eye. The Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Costiera (pasta w fresh prawns, evoo, garlic n chilli) is more than the simple Prawn aglio to think about. Highly tanged up with tomato puree, i think some extra words need to be fitted into that description.

Spaghetti al Cartoccio ($22)

Mario's Spaghetti al Cartoccio is my perpetual order. It satiates the seafood lover's capacity with a plethora of saute squids, scallops, prawns, clams and mussels.. all bagged up in a light, oomph-filled roma tomato sauce. The handmade spaghetti, always maintaining sufficient al dente-ness, is another mainstay on my 'why-i-love-mario' list.

Panna Cotta ($6)
A regrettable pity, the desserts dropped in lovability.

My usual Panna Cotta, still the creamy white delicate pudding, had suddenly lost its traces of vanilla seeds and furthermore drenched with a new strawberry sauce that's overwhelmingly sweet after a few bites. I miss the angelic version Mario used to serve.

Zuccotto Della Cassa ($7)

The Zuccotto Della Cassa (homemade sponge cake with almond & pistachio cream fillings and chocolate coating) remained nuttily flavourful of its pistachio almond components, but now with an slight punch of artificiality.

My hero approached for a casual chat while we tucked into our mains.
2 breaking news uncovered:
Farewell to Mario's Spaghetti Vongole,
Farewell to the cosy-compact Pizzeria.

Due to some intolerable complaints from 'fussy' customers regarding his clams, Mario have decided to remove Spaghetti Vongole from the menu in order to avoid such intermittent (false)claims. (but for his loyal vongole fan aka my daddy, he had offered a special order upon pre-requests! three cheers to Mario.)

and... Da Mario is moving!
not too far away, just over to the empty shop space across...

Renovation works for this planned expansion have been in progress. Da Mario Pizzeria will temporarily stop operation for a short period until the reopening on 13 January 2009, Tuesday. Can't wait to witness the new facelift!

As for the warm old location, you'll always be remembered.
Da Mario Pizzeria Ristorante Bar
60 Robertson Quay
#01-10 #01-05/06 The Quayside
6235 7623

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  1. the way you are always raving about da mario, looks like i have to try soon, at their new location. haha



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