Wednesday, January 28, 2009

La Nonna: Granny Italian

Italian for 'grandmother'.

La Nonna behaves with adherence to its name, nothing short of that respected female figurehead's traits. Soft warm ambience, earthy wood interiors, well-mannered service, heartwarming fare... just like how grandma would conduct it.

And also locate it. deep within the Namly suburbs.

Drive/ have a driver ir you're not a Sixth Avenue frequent.

piping hot complimentary bread

The kickstart didn't hold back.

A bread basket living off the oven's warmth already pushed my expectations high. Neither one of that fresh white roll or pizza-crust triangles disappointed.

The next wave grabbed my approval by storm. Spaghetti Pasta with Mixed Seafood in Tomato Sauce ($18) captured to aldente-perfection, beautifully dressed up in a thick, untainted red tomato coat. Plus a bunch of seafood freshies, of course.

I couldn't stop twirling and twirling and savouring its goodness.

No complaints about the Linguine Pasta served with Clams in Squid Ink Sauce ($16) as well. Black Vongole. Nothing could screw up with trusty squid ink and La Nonna's team of chefs.

Tiramisu ($10)

Truly satisfied with the mains, desserts ripped half my smile away.

No, it wasn't the traditional venetian-styled Tiramisu, or the fact that my preferred choice of Panna Cotta ran out for the night. It was how the Mele grappled with my self-reluctance to declare the meal's bad ending.

Mele- warm apple tart with vanilla icecream ($10)

Dry, droning and (the centre pastry custard) honestly unbearable. The Apple Tart was not sleep-inducing, it triggered me into active protest and feedback. Thank goodness the scoop of lemon-jazzed vanilla icecream was present to comfort my disappointment. A teeny-weeny bit.

They've passed two years in business. To think i was clueless about this Senso-owned italian gem before a magazine article revelated its existence.

Now i know!

And i present my new find with pride and joy (:

La Nonna

76 Namly Place

6762 1587


  1. I tried La Nonna with my colleagues once but didn't really wow me. But maybe I was unlucky :S

  2. I like the way you capture the menu... Indeed a lovely angle...

    And I have not known the existence of La Nonna until your entry... Wonder how is their pizzas like...

  3. fatpig: haha oops, seems like we always have opposite experiences at the same venues!

    Fen: thanks Fen! it may be a nice angle but the skill still not there yet =p

    oh i haven't tried their pizzaz but it looks pretty good. they have an outlet at Holland V too, with a different chef and diferent menu (:



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