Friday, January 2, 2009

TCC: The (stunning) Coffee Connoisseur

I will never forget that one time i fathomed in amazement.

A few months back i was greeted by a freshly revamped menu at Funan IT Mall's TCC, eagerly admiring the novel food illustrations and new inviting cakes on display. THEN i took a glance through the kitchen doors beside it.... and couldn't help but relate this to a discliplinary school.

An organized cookroom came into view, storing a group of excessively-dressed chefs: fully bundled in white plastic robes, fitted with tight shower-cap-lookalikes, and faithfully working on the food with complete attention. You would nearly mistake them as surgeons!

food & ingredients= the patients' organs
cooking process= operations

It all shows how much patience and skills are put into play to produce those stylish plates of artworks. They ensure the patients emerge alive.


And that one stunning moment spurred me into getting my first TCC Loyalty Card, which entitles cardholders to 15% discount off total bills (with minimum spending of $20) and accumulative tcc dollars for food redemptions. whoo~

Of course i had to put it to good use.

Back to the point: the Central Mall outlet is a decorous location to dine at when crowd-avoiding is in mind (I reckon most central mall goers would probably be joining the long queues outside the notorious japanese joints). For at least, the cafe was rather quiet during my lunch visit.

Modish Avocado ($12)

Alive and kicking, i enjoyed my Modish Avocado Salad in smiles. Fresh avocado slices and tofu cubes lightly scented with a mustardy sesame dressing, then sprinkled with sakura prawn crisps for added crunch. Freshness is the keyword to be highlighted here.

extra order of Cajun Chicken ($3)

Prawn Cheese-a-Toast ($10)

Mum would raise both her hands up high if i'd asked who wanted another piece of Prawn Cheese-a-Toast. An assemble of prawns and cheddar cheese atop baguette bread tinies, baked till golden and crunchy. She gobbled them all within minutes.

Seafood Aglio Olio ($18.80)

Listed as a HPB-proclaimed healthier choice, this Seafood Aglio Olio pasta is sure to appeal to my health-conscious Dad. While the spaghetti is aptly flavoured, it could do with more than those bite-sized scallops and prawns.

Cocoa Mosaic ($9.90)

The Chocoholic's choice. Cocoa Mosaic triples the chocolate buildup with white, milk and dark chocolate mousse layers on a chocolate sponge base; all adhered to different sugar-intensities and textures. I found the white layer too sweet and cloying...thank goodness for its petite size.

I really look up to the consistency of chefs at TCC. Just imagine how precisely they have to follow the menu, like some operational instruction manual... any error and the food would be pronnounced dead.

And no hospitals would ever allow unexplained operational failures.

TCC (Central)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-84/85/86 The Central


  1. the photos all very yellow-ish. haha! btw this post is dated 2th jan? but i came to your blog yesterday still couldn't saw it, until today the 11th then i can see? something wrong with the posting or is it my browser? haha

  2. I like the food @ Tcc!! Haven't tried their desserts though :)

  3. brad: hahas i wanted to keep the original atmosphere of the place so didn't use the white-balanced shots =D oops i just its the posting, shall go check it.

    vicki: yays high-five! (: the desserts are pretty but i find them not exactly impressive, as compared to many other dessert outlets around.

  4. Actually I seriously dislike the food at TCC. Find it expensive for the quality. I only like the place for its decor.

  5. fatpig: you are used to good food already. cant compare. hahahahaha. well different people got different taste buds, and its the company which make some ordinary food taste better.

  6. Brad, actually from a marketing perspective, thats not exactly true. People always say better company is directly correlated to food being better tasting. Psychologically yes, but physically, no. Which of course leads to the question, is taste of food a science or an art?

  7. wow the conversation is getting so profound alr! wait, i'm kind of lost... the 'company' you all are talking about meant the people you are dining with right? =p

  8. Elaine, yes that would correct.



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